Saturday Night

Saturday Night with the Four Legged included dinner, barking at leaves, and taking almost 4 hours to watch a 2 hour movie because we can’t all go the bathroom at the same time and I have to keep pausing the movie! I set up a card table in the family room so that I could work and watch the movie. Riley decided this is his new favorite spot in the house. I have tried 3 times to take the table down this afternoon with no luck. Riley just ran outside so I tried to take the table down, but Rufus came over and sat under the table. Apparently Riley has recruited him as security for his table!  I’m not sure if this is a battle I am going to win…

Table.jpg#Rescue #NoRoomForMom


Don’t Touch the Truck

Truck.jpgTrying to get the four legged in the house and I hear “Excuse Me. How are you?” Now I know I will never get this group back in the house! I turn around and there is a Security Company salesman leaning on my truck. Rufus goes berserk. He does not like people standing too close to the Truck or leaning on it for that matter. (Can’t argue with him on that one!)

I waved to the gentleman and said “thanks for thinking of us, but we are good.” He proceeded to explain to me that I needed a Security System all the while still leaning on my truck.  (I deserve a medal for not going over the gate myself!) I looked at Rufus. I looked back at the salesman and said “If you can get past this dog I’ll buy the system.” At this point Bailey, Rufus, and Riley are giving each other looks that remind me of the Raptors in Jurassic World when making their “kill circle.” The salesman looks at me, looks at the Four Legged and says “You Know…You’re Probably Covered. Have a nice day.”

#FourLeggedSecurity #Rescue

Come on Down!

stepsI know the day is coming that someone with four legs is going to roll down the steps and break a leg.  When we try to walk downstairs it is like the guy from The Price is Right yelling “Come on Down!” Everyone is running, jumping up and down, and rushing to get the best spot. Today I noticed they must be taking my concerns of broken limbs seriously as they have created a soft landing zone. Nice!

#Rescue #NotYourNormalHouse

Santa is Watching

The weather has turned in Pittsburgh and our daily walks are being interrupted by rain. Riley and Rufus are “old souls” and love to curl up on the couch. (It is almost 1:30pm and Rufus is still in bed!) The Wild Woman needs activity regardless of weather! We try to walk least 30 to 45 minutes a day. Monday was a total loss and Tuesday’s weather only allowed us a quick 20 minute walk. By this morning we were playing everyone’s favorite game…grab a four legged by the collar and jump on their head on top of mom’s bed! After about 10 minutes I was worried someone was going to break a leg. All the tails were wagging, but we needed another activity until the rain drops stopped.

While trying to get all 3 to listen to me I finally gave up and said “You better get off the bed. Santa is watching!” Riley immediately froze, jumped off the bed and headed for the couch. The big dogs just looked at me and went back to bouncing and grabbing each other. Riley came back in and I don’t know what he said via his barking, but both of the big dogs opened their eyes wide and jumped off the bed.

I have a feeling neither Rufus or Bailey understand Santa or the upcoming holidays, but they are going to love it! Life is Short and we Celebrate the Holidays Big Time at this House!

Santa#Santa #Rescue


Baking with the Four Legged

We are all set to bake and of course I am out of brown sugar. I look at the plate of butter softening on the counter and then I look at Rufus. He is licking his lips…I now realize there is no safe place to leave the butter out while I run down the hill. He is watching me thinking “there is no place she can leave that butter that I won’t reach when she walks out that door.” Desperate times call for desperate measures…Should I take the butter with me? No—I will hide the butter in the dish cabinet. This is so not something a normal person would do, but I have no choice!

Back from the store and ready to start baking! It is pouring rain and I love being in the kitchen when it is dreary out. The four legged are making m&m cookies and chewy butterscotch brownies to donate to a Community Dinner for those less fortunate than us. I wanted to donate something that was peanut-free just in case any child had an allergy. Don’t want them to miss out on dessert!

The house smells amazing and every few minutes Riley comes into the kitchen to see if his “taste tester skills” are needed! As the timer goes off Bailey runs into the kitchen to make sure I am paying attention. Never a dull minute with this kitchen crew!

#Rescue #Baking #GiveBack

Dangerous Websites

For some women the most dangerous website to their wallet is a designer shoe or purse site. In my case it is the animal shelter website! I already have 3 four legged and there I was yesterday on the shelter site looking at available dogs…what is wrong with me?? I was supposed to be purchasing lottery calendars through their website and I “accidently” clicked on Available Dogs. Riley was up on my desk going through the photos and thankfully he didn’t see anyone that he thought would be a good fit! I don’t think this house could hold one more!

After Bella passed away Riley and I looked for buddies, but he didn’t show any interest in dogs that we met. We actually considered getting him a goldfish! He likes to have company, but doesn’t want to share his Mom with anyone. #MommasBoy

Months later I saw Bailey’s photo and I knew she would be perfect. Her eyes were so gentle and kind. I knew Riley would love her. I clicked on her photo and it said she had been surrender with Rufus. I thought to myself, “Well this is never going to work. I can’t have 3 dogs. Rufus is huge. Riley will never go for it!”

The day we drove to the shelter (just to look) I brought two leashes with me, but that was it. I didn’t tell anyone we were even considering bringing another dog home because I did not think Riley would like both dogs. I would never separate dogs that had been surrendered together because if something ever happened to me I would want my dogs to stay together. Riley hopped out of the truck and met Rufus and Bailey in the yard at the shelter. He took to Rufus immediately so I signed the papers and we headed for home. After 10 minutes into the trip it dawned on me that I did not have dog bowls, food, collars, or a plan.

We are almost to the four month mark and so far our plan of having no plan is working out just fine!

#Rescue #Adopt