The Biggest Day in Racing

I know what you are thinking.  Every Sunday is a big day for racing at our house, but today is the biggest!  Started the day with Coffee and the Formula One Race in Monaco.  After laps around the historic city we watched the winners take the podium and then changed channels to catch Indy 500 pre-race.  Just over 100 laps until someone will kiss the bricks and drink Milk.  Yikes!  As a non-milk fan that would be tough for me to tackle, but if I won the Indy500 I am sure I could make it happen!

For those non-race fans it has been a tradition to drink milk after your win.  If you really want to get historic one of the first winners was handed buttermilk by their mother because it was a good way to rehydrate after a hot and humid race.  The Indiana farmers saw an opportunity to promote their products.  They got together with the racetrack owners and the following year it became a tradition to drink milk in the winner’s circle.  The rain has held off and so far we are on schedule for a perfect day!  Nascar hits the track around 6pm in Charlotte and in order to watch all 3 races live today we can’t have a weather hold-up.

Since rain has been in our schedule I opted to use the oven for dinner.  We will fire up the grill tomorrow!  Grammie gave us a new roasting pan and we are breaking it out for a spiral ham.  Getting meat in and out of the oven with Rufus is never an easy task, but this pan is heavy duty and so far the ham is safe and secure!  In 3 hours we will see if Rufus has to go on the porch or if the roasting pan can hold its own!

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Bermuda Triangle


The Bermuda Triangle of Rescue Dogs!

Working from home and stuck inside due to the rain.  The four legged are over the excitement of being stuck inside.  We had three gorgeous sunny days and worked from the porch, cooked out and enjoyed spring.  Had to turn the furnace back on two nights ago…come on May!

We are gearing up for a charity yard sale this Saturday so the lower level of the house is filled with donations from the community.  I really don’t know why I risk my sanity by agreeing to use my home as a catch-all!  The kitchen is filled with flowers as the temperatures have dropped so low that they can’t be on the porch.  In order to get through the house you have to follow the “maze.”  If Rufus is the lead dog you will never make it to the steps!  Looking forward to taking all of the donations to the sale on Friday so that I can have the house back. I don’t work well in chaos.

Hoping your house doesn’t require a map to get to the bathroom…

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Riley and Bailey are enjoying another beautiful Pittsburgh day and are outback playing.  Those two are like kids from the 80s.  Out when the sun is up and not back inside until dinner!  Just keep the water bowl full and they love days like this.

Rufus was outside for about 10 minutes and then quickly rejoined me at work.  He is not one to be apart from his human for very long!  I had leftover squid in the fridge.  I was about to toss it, but Rufus came out of nowhere and had to have the container!  I told Rufus that dogs do not eat squid.  He was melting down and pleading for the box.  I told him “Fine!  We will look it up on Google and I will prove to you that dogs do not eat squid.”  I should known better than to argue with him.  He took off for the family room to “grab his phone” and don’t you know it, according to Google squid is great for dogs.  Full of nutrients and protein.  Are you kidding me?  Okay so I reheat the squid and am still thinking even though he wants the box he will never eat it.  Wrong again!

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“Today or Never! That’s My Motto!”


Just in case anyone was wondering I am not always up to date on Hollywood trends.  We usually have the television on while we work.  It wasn’t always this way. Back in the day we only had the television on during December as we watched Christmas movies.  The office was a little quiet around that time of year and it was a fun way to work during the holiday season.  When I started working from home we would usually sit at my dining room table.  There was one particularly crazy week where I needed to be in my upstairs office and I needed Yia Yia to keep the four legged downstairs.  I set her up in the family room with the dogs and the television.  We never made it back to the dining room!  Most days we have QVC on or reruns of older shows.  I DVR holiday specials and when in a real crunch we grab a DVD.  The background noise of the television soothes the dogs and increases productivity.

Yesterday the QVC shows were lacking so we were catching up on Hollywood gossip.  Yia Yia mentioned that she hadn’t seen the new “Mary Poppins” which prompted the following conversation:

Yia Yia:  Did you see the New Mary Poppins?

Me: You mean the one with Emily Blunt?

Yia Yia:  Who is Emily Blunt?

Me: The girl from The Devil Wears Prada.

Yia Yia: I never saw that movie.

Me: OH you should!  It’s really good.  She is married to that guy from the Office.

Yia Yia:  I don’t really watch that show either.

Me: OH you should.  It’s really good.  Did the new Mary Poppins come out on tape yet?

Yia Yia: Yes.  It is definitely out. I don’t think they put them on tape though.

Me: We should watch it.  There is a way on the TV to order movies.  (I’m not that technologically naive, but we have a new Satellite Dish and I don’t know how everything works.)  I miss Blockbuster.

Yia Yia: Me too.  That was the best.

Me: Iggle video was even better.  I miss a lot of movies now that I can’t go to the store and browse the shelf.  (Scrolling through the remote)  Here it is!  2 Hours and 10 Minutes.  We have just enough time left while we are working to watch it.

Oh my goodness!  I did not have high hopes for enjoying this movie.  Even though I am an Emily Blunt fan.  How could she beat Julie Andrews?  The movie was fantastic.  We loved the singing and animation.  The costumes were incredible.  Meryl Streep had a guest role the stole the show and of course the ending was beyond touching. I couldn’t believe that this movie did not receive more accolades or Oscar nominations.  This morning I woke up humming some of the songs and could easily watch the movie again.  Adding this to my Black Friday shopping list for DVDs!

I know some would find it odd to watch movies in the middle of the work day, but in the words of the New Mary Poppins “Today or Never!  That’s My Motto!”

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Shelter Pet

Today is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day!  At our house this is celebrated all year long!  There is no reason for animals to live in crates.  Get to your local shelter and open your heart and home to a rescue.  They sometimes need a few directions, but they have the biggest hearts. Don’t worry if the dog doesn’t seem to fall in love with you while at the shelter.  The atmosphere for most dogs is stressful and scary.  Most dogs I have brought home didn’t show any love to me while we were on-site.  After a few days in their new home they will start to open up and realize this is there home.  Neither Riley or Rufus showed any attention to me while at the shelter…now I can’t even go to the bathroom without them!

Lucky for the Four Legged Yia Yia is at the house working today and brought tons of treats!  Good thing Rufus’ weigh in at the vet was yesterday.  There was a lot of growling, but overall Rufus was a trooper.  He didn’t pee on or body check any staff!  He still needs to lose about 11 pounds, but we are going in the right direction.  After a quick visit and a nail trim he sat at the vet’s door waiting for me to pay the bill.  As he waited he gave “evil eye” to the staff, but once they told him how handsome he was there was a little smile that crept across his face.  He just can’t resist women!

We grilled chicken for lunch and now everyone is settling back into their work.  Riley is under Yia Yia’s feet while she works.  He can’t possibly leave her side but for a moment.  The big dogs are on the couch and I finally have a few hours to myself!  When Yia Yia is here I am second fiddle and I love the break!

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Unless I have a meeting this is where you will find Rufus every weekday at 11:45AM!  I like to eat lunch at my desk while I catch up on social media.  I can usually convince Riley and Bailey to play in the yard during my break, but Rufus’ supersonic hearing detects the microwave beep from even the farthest point of the yard and is back in the house for lunch!

Today we have his yearly vet appointment for vaccines.  We have been trying our hardest to exercise more and eat healthier.  I am really hopeful that the vet will view our attempt as positive and not give Rufus another lecture about his treat intake!  Fingers crossed for a smooth appointment for both the staff and Rufus.  He also needs a nail trim…

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The Party is Here!


Sunday Morning Fun at The Friends of Jupiter Pet Walk!  Hundreds of dogs gathered at Boyce Park to support Dog Rescues.  I have never attempted an event with Bailey and Riley,  but knowing their love for two legged and four legged and the fact that the event was close to home we gave it a shot!

9:00AM  Grammie arrived at the house to help load the four legged in the truck.  I didn’t think Rufus could handle this type of event just yet so he would stay at home.  Grammie brought him special bones and 5 lottery tickets.  He won $15!  A good start to his day!  I know he was sad to stay home, but thankfully his love for bones outweighed his desire to put up a sad face!

9:15AM As we pulled into the park Bailey let everyone know “The Party as Arrived!”  There is no doubt this dog is a hound!  Her head was out the window, ears flopping and she was howling!  Hundreds of dogs and of course it is mine making the most noise…

9:20AM  I wasn’t sure if Riley would get out of the truck and walk.  He has a tendency to sit down in the middle of the street and refuse to walk.  He also hates wearing a leash and this would be an event that he would have to be on it.  Of course he loves to prove me wrong and headed right down the hill to the gathering.  Once he saw the sign for a Bake Sale there was nothing stopping him!

We checked in and started purchasing raffle tickets.  There were 60+ baskets and a 50/50!  Grammie was off to the basket raffles so I was holding down the fort with the four legged.  If you live near Boyce Park and tried to sleep in this morning we apologize! Not going to lie–at this moment I did consider going home.  Bailey was barking like a madwoman and as other pet owners looked at me “like aren’t you going to do something” I didn’t know what to do.  She is a very vocal dog.  When Bailey is talking, she is talking!  Eventually after a few walks around the registration area she started to get into her groove.  She loves playing with other people and dogs.  We made a new toy from recycled donations and sniffed every tree!

10:00AM The 1 Mile Walk started!  Riley killed it!  He walked the entire route and even ran into a pot belly pig along the way.  Bailey had to talk to a few dogs throughout the walk, but overall was a champ.  I did remind her once or twice that it is okay to walk in a straight line!  After the walk Riley made a beeline for the Bake Sale!  Most four legged look for milk bones, Riley looks for cookies!  Somehow he ended up with 2 bags so I had to run back down to give them another $1.00.  Didn’t want to be on the news for stealing cookies…

10:30AM After the walk it was just starting to rain so we looked at a few vendor tents and then let the dogs warm up in the truck with Grammie.  I ran around and grabbed a few more raffle tickets.  The baskets were stuffed with tons of great gifts and cards.

11:00AM  The four legged were in the truck resting just as the raffles started.  I won the 50/50 Raffle!  Riley was beyond excited and declared that “we must have Chinese for dinner!”

It was a great morning at the park!  Kudos to all of the rescues that were at the event today.  We couldn’t save lives without them.  Special thanks to Grammie for joining us.  I couldn’t have attended without her.  I love Rufus, Bailey and Riley, but my ability to take them to an event is never easy!

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