Happy Birthday Yia Yia!


Monday Celebrations!!  Happy Belated Birthday to Yia Yia!  The Four Legged finally got to throw Yia Yia her birthday party.  Their schedules were not linking up in June, but today was the day. Yia Yia worked all morning and then at lunch we celebrated with her favorite grilled cheese & a blueberry cake.  Riley was so excited.  As soon as I mentioned it was lunch time all 3 dogs came running.  Aunt Heather stopped by earlier this morning with some new bones so for the first time history Yia Yia and I were able to eat lunch without anyone howling!

After lunch we dug into the cake and then opened presents.  I have three blueberry bushes which produced just enough for a birthday cake.  Bailey was front and center for present opening.  She very much loves to unwrap gifts!

After our celebration the Four Legged are on the couch snoozing while Yia Yia and I get back to work!  Already looking forward to next year’s celebration!

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Day 735

Day 735, but who is counting??!!  We celebrated Rufus and Bailey’s second birthday/ adoption anniversary this past weekend.  The two legged came home from school specifically for the celebration.  We had everyone’s favorite ice cream cake, opened presents and played all evening.  Grammie gave Rufus a new ball that holds bones.  It is a toy that is designed to use up his mental energy and it does work!  Bailey took the ball on Monday and now we are having a scavenger hunt for the ball!  Riley has zero interest in these kinds of toys.  He won’t work that hard for food…

It is hard to believe it has been two years since the Big Dogs came home.  Most people do not go to the shelter during July 4th weekend to adopt, but Riley and I took advantage of the fact that I would have 5 days off so that everyone could acclimate.  It was a hectic first few days.  Rufus and Bailey needed to learn to live with humans and indoors.  I did a lot of reading about their breeds during those first few weeks. Neither dog could go on a walk, interact with people, take food gently, or understand commands.

Not going to lie to you…we still don’t have the best manners, but we have made huge progress.  The first few days Rufus and Riley were inseparable, but nowadays you will find Bailey and Riley attached at the hip and Rufus with me. Rufus is just not good at interacting with other dogs.  He loves his people and just wants to be your buddy.  Bailey has brought out the puppy in Riley.  He is turning 13 this year and acts like a 5 year old.  Those two are always on the run, playing, and hanging out on the porch.  I have a hard time getting photos of those two because they are “so busy!”

Today we are playing outside and as the fireworks start to light up the sky Riley and I will watch them from the porch.  Rufus and Bailey will be chilling inside on the couch!

Happy Fourth of July!

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We Heard You in the Kitchen


The Two Legged was home from college for the weekend which makes the Four Legged very happy!  Rufus never leaves his side.  It has been a struggle for Rufus to understand why his buddy is not home this summer.  We jammed a lot into 48 hours including a local festival, a birthday party, yard work, getting passports and a Greek Food Fest.  I was somewhat excited to go back to work on Monday just to have a few hours to sit at my desk!

On Sunday morning I promised I would cook a “real breakfast.”  You can only get away with frozen waffles for so long! Riley was of course in the kitchen helping while the rest of the house slept.  Around 1pm the Two Legged and Rufus finally joined us for breakfast.

Me: Finally!  You two are up!

Two Legged:  Rufus and I woke up around 11am and heard you in the kitchen, but we didn’t smell bacon so we went back to bed.  Rufus kicked me about 10 minutes ago to let me know the food was ready.

These two keep me laughing!

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Bring Your Dog to Work Day


I have so many clients that say “I love your posts.  You can bring your dogs with you to my office.”  Ummmm…No!  You do not want this crazy crew running through your place of business!  My little Riley could easily go with me to other people’s offices, but depending on the location he might not get out of the truck.  He doesn’t like traffic or steps.

Bailey is a known laptop “toucher.”  I am constantly asking her to get her feet off of my computer.  Rufus loves to look out my office window so if I have files near the window he “reorganizes” them for me. These two loose in someone else’s office space could go one of two ways. Either they would be the best behaved dogs just to prove me wrong or it would look like a tornado touched down!

I think we will just stick to working from home with this crew!

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Watermelon Season

Bailey’s favorite food is finally in season!  This dog goes nuts for watermelon.  While we eat she is the “normal” dog.  She doesn’t bark or beg for food.  She just sits and waits until someone offers her something.  On Sunday she could barely contain herself when the bowl of watermelon hit the table.  Her eyes doubled in size as she waited!  Finally she enjoyed her slice.  Of course Rufus and Riley throw a fit, but if you offer them watermelon it will just end up on the floor!

Rufus has also learned that he does not care for cilantro.  Perhaps if he kept his nose out of my herb garden he wouldn’t have been “traumatized” by the taste!  On a side note at least I can have flowers and herbs on the porch at this point.  Two years ago when Rufus and Bailey arrived most of my pots were toppled within minutes. They have made a lot of progress and do keep out of things, but after I cut a few pieces of cilantro for taco night Rufus followed suit and took a few bites.  Now he walks by and leans to the left to make sure he doesn’t accidentally inhale any!

I have been hitting up the Monroeville Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings with Grammie.  We love their vendors.  This time of year I go crazy for fresh herbs, veggies, and potatoes!  I love to grab pizza crust from Tomanetti’s and sauce from Labriola’s to create unique pizzas.  Riley and I enjoyed a spinach, mushroom, leek and fresh mozzarella pizza today.  We really need to move south so that we can enjoy farmer’s markets year round!

This year we were able to get to the market earlier in the season so I grabbed a few wild flowers for the front yard.  I am trying to add more color to the front of the house and now that I have lived here for 9 years I am becoming a pro at gardening.  When I first moved to the new house the front yard was nicely manicured so I was hesitant to dig into the landscape and change things.  Now I am constantly out front digging.  You just have to keep an eye on Riley as he is known to dig extra holes!

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Common Phrases


We are behind on blog updates, but don’t worry the Four Legged are alive and well!  Our schedule has been crazy and the four legged are depressed because their two legged buddy is staying at school over the summer to work.  He has been coming home one weekend a month, but to Rufus and Bailey that is just not enough!

Even though it has been a while since our last blog not much has changed.  Each day is pretty much the same.  I get up for work.  The four legged enjoy a quick breakfast and then take their “morning naps.”  While I work they are up and down the steps to my office all day.  They bark at every truck that comes on the street. Around 4pm Rufus starts to demand dinner and if you take too long he will start exploring!

I say the same phrases almost everyday. You would think eventually someone would listen, but no!  We have been watching Jeopardy because we were following James’ winning streak.  With that in mind our category would be “Things Said in Summer’s Home that you Don’t Hear Anywhere Else”

  1. Don’t Hump Your Sister!
  2. Rufus! Get out of the fridge!
  3. Stop chewing on her Ear.
  4. What are you doing???
  5. Who does that??
  6. Get off the Fence!
  7. Riley!  Stop eating the deer food.
  8. I’m going to sell you to the gypsies.
  9. Don’t pee on the neighbor’s dog.
  10. Don’t hold the steps hostage.
  11. You do not help yourself.  Get off the counter.
  12. We don’t eat garbage.
  13. Don’t attack the lawnmower.
  14. That is Dale’s house.  He is allowed in his yard.
  15. Riley!  You don’t live there.  Come back home.

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6 Minutes

Things are heating up!

Today I had a flashback while unloading the truck.  It started pouring so Riley jumped in the front seat to get out of the rain.  I let him stay there until the rain eased up which meant I was now sitting in the truck in the driveway with him! A few years ago I was unloading the truck and while I opened one door Riley jumped in the other side of the car.  Bella and I were in the house when I suddenly realized I didn’t know where Riley was.  I looked on the porch and there he was in the driver’s seat of the truck!  Thankfully he was fine, but things could have been a lot worse.  I never saw him jump in.  Of course after a quick ice cream trip he was fine, but now I make sure he is not in the truck after we unload.

Just a reminder that a dog can die in just 6 minutes when left in a car this time of year.  I know…kind of a crappy topic, but if we can save just one life it was worth it!

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