Monkeys on the Bed!


We aren’t suppose to be on the two legged’s bed. We aren’t supposed to be wrestling.  We aren’t supposed to be humping each other!  Oh dear…

We have already been to the vet once this year for a sprained ankle due to rough housing.  I am 99% sure I either have a sprained a broken foot from the four legged and now they are jumping on the bed like 5 Little Monkeys!  I just told all of them that the Easter Bunny is watching and if someone gets hurt we are not going to the vet!

The only positive of this crazy morning is that they love each other.   I love seeing Riley have buddies to play with.  He is in love with Bailey and follows her everywhere.  Even though life with 3 dogs is a lot to handle I would much rather be yelling about “monkeys on the bed” then watching Riley sit on the couch day after day and only interact with two legged.

Time to send them all outside!

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Hop in the Jeep!


Another Bristol Trip in the Books!  I have barely unloaded the truck and I am ready to head back for the August race.  We had a plan in place for the Four Legged, but with Riley you just never know what he will do…

On Friday Grammie would come and pick him up so that he could spend the weekend at her house decorating for Easter, enjoying all of his favorite foods, and relaxing.  The Big Dogs would stay at home and our dog walker would sleep over as Rufus has to have a human sleep with him at night.  He has been on a vet recommended diet so at least he isn’t as tough to sleep with now that he is getting trim!

The only kink in the plan was Riley.  Grammie would have to somehow keep the big dogs in the house long enough to get Riley into the Jeep.  All Riley had to do was jump in, but with him you just never know if he is going to put on the brakes and refuse to move.  Apparently he needed a vacation more than I realized and when Grammie got to the house she told Riley he would have to sit out front while she locked up, but he said “No way!” and plowed through the big dogs to get out of the kitchen and onto the porch.  This little senior citizen still has some craziness in him! He hopped right in the Jeep and for the next two days enjoyed some R&R!

Dad and I arrived at Bristol and decided to roll the dice and set up the campsite along the creek again.  Apparently being flooded out twice is not enough of a deterrent for me to move further from the bathrooms!  Luckily we had perfect weather so the creek was just soothing sounds behind us instead of Niagara Falls.  While we were at the track we renewed our tickets for next season and as a Thank You the track gave each person a George Foreman Grill.  Only at a Nascar event would you see fans carrying grills through the stadium!  I of course could not pass up the deal so not only did we carry the grill through the track, but we had to carry it 1.5 miles back to the campsite.  It was worth it! This may be my favorite Nascar photo yet!

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The Photo Shoot!

Riley’s Friends Jupiter and Penny stopped by to pick up a donation for their Rescue Event at the end of the month.  We spent quite a bit of time trying to get the 3 Four Legged to pose for a photo!  Rufus and Bailey were in the family room window barking which resulted in a lot of head turning.  As the wind picked up plastic Easter eggs bounced along the yard and Penny tried to take herself for a walk!  At one point Jupiter looked at his mom like “I don’t get paid enough to work in these conditions.”

I consider Riley my “small dog” but quickly realized he is not really that small!  We are big supporters of adopting from Rescues and Shelters.  If you are in the Pittsburgh area stop by the walk on April 28th.  There will be tons of fun for the two legged and the four legged!  Riley may even get out of the truck this year!

The FUN this Year:
The Rollaway Dog Cafe
Western PA Search and Rescue Dev. Center Dog activities,
From Enrichment to Manners by The Proper Pit Bull
Pet Photos by Ignite Photography
Basket Raffle, Bake Sale and Pet Vendors
Make Your Own Pet Toy by the Rewind-Reuse Center
Rescues and Adoptable animals!

Quack! Quack!


My two legged nephew attended a very competitive duck derby this weekend.  He is at that age where every funny sound you make has him rolling over with laughter!  Right before the race he got on the phone to tell me 3 very important things before handing the phone back to mom.  I have no idea what he said as it was “gibberish” but I know it was important!  After the race we were on the phone catching up and I started making “quack quack” sounds just to hear him giggle.  Rufus, Riley and Bailey were sleeping in the family room and when I started making noise Rufus was off the couch like cannon!  He was on the hunt for Ducks!!  As soon as he took off running Bailey and Riley joined him.  Riley looked at me like “Mom…there are ducks in the house!  Get up and help them!” Between the two legged giggles and the four legged hunt I could barely contain myself.  Apparently all we need is a few “quacks” to make the evening fun!

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A Huge Step

Just a touch of love and a lot of patience got us to today.  Rufus had a tick on his eyelid.  Going to the vet causes severe anxiety, but I was concerned that I couldn’t remove the tick because of its proximity to his eye.  I called our AMAZING friend and dog walker, Jill.  All we needed was a little peanut butter to cover the tick so that it would suffocate and pull off without issue.  In Rufus’ case there was a slim chance we would be able to touch his eye or face.  As soon as you move in he starts to lean back and his eyes double in size!

While I let Rufus lick peanut butter from the “doggie jar” Jill went to work on the tick.  Rufus was not thrilled at this afternoon’s activity, but he tolerated the situation.  His lip curled a few times, but his love of peanut butter outweighed his desire to leave the dining room or be uncooperative.  Plus he could see Bailey in the window wondering why Rufus was getting to eat straight from the jar and he does like to one up the other four legged!

I can’t put into words the excitement I felt as the tick was removed. Obviously I wanted the tick gone, but my excitement was more in response to Rufus’ behavior. 20 months ago this would have never occurred. Jill spent countless hours teaching Rufus how to properly interact with people.  During the first month she would come to the house and just stand on the porch as he barked and grabbed her hands.  As I have learned his triggers we have adapted to keep him comfortable which has shown Rufus that he can trust people. We don’t open certain doors or move things unless Rufus is outside.  It may seem like a lot of work, but today is proof that we are making substantial progress.  There are still a lot of manners that we are working on, but if Rufus can have his head covered in peanut butter and Jill and I still have 10 fingers each I call it a successful day!

And in true Rufus fashion as I was writing the blog sharing my “proud mom moment” he jumped up on the counter and ate the lunch meat….RUFUS!!!!

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Chasing Eggs

Riley and I waited until after the wind storms died down to decorate for Easter.  He takes his front yard decorating duties very seriously!  As my helper he is in charge of gathering the rocks to weigh down the large eggs and chasing the “tree eggs” down the street if the wind gets them!  Would it even be Easter if we didn’t have to go next door and get our plastic eggs back from the neighbors?

Bailey is on the mend this week.  We have been trying to rest as much as possible.  She is back to using all four legs and her sprained knee is feeling better.  Steps are no longer an issue and she can sleep in her two legged brother’s bed without issue!

Rufus has a tick so we are waiting for the Amazing dog walker to come over and help with removal.  We will “drown” the tick in peanut butter, but I need an assistant because otherwise Bailey and Riley will try to help.  The last thing I need is a dog covered in peanut butter running through my house with two followers!  Luckily all of the four legged are vaccinated against Lyme disease so we just need to get rid of that pest!

Hope your Thursday does not involve sprained knees, dogs covered in peanut butter and flying eggs!

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This Is The Tower

Grammie’s Poor Ears!  I was standing in the kitchen and happened to notice a stray cat taking flight across the backyard and the next 8 seconds were crazy! I was yelling NOOOOO just as the cat went airborne over the fence onto our neighbor’s back porch roof.  In that split second Bailey came around the shed and as she was gaining speed I realized she was going to use the porch as leverage to go over the railing.  I have never seen her move at this speed.  She reminded me of a greyhound!

If you have never been in our backyard our kitchen leads to a covered porch which connects to a wooden deck that has four steps to the backyard.  Our fence is not up against the neighbor’s fence.  There is a three foot gap that contains a tree!  The cat jumped from the deck to the neighbor’s porch roof clearing the tree.  The cat weighed about 10 to 15 pounds and was literally jumping for its life.  Bailey weighs 98 and there was no way she was going to clear the 3 foot gap and the tree!

Just as she was about to jump she heard the following alert:    This is the Tower:  Bailey you are not clear for take off! I repeat air traffic control has grounded you!

I had visions of her stuck in a tree or worse clearing both fences and landing in the neighbor’s pool! By the time Riley got into the backyard Rufus and Bailey were both in full security mode.  Their property had been breached.  Riley (the dog that loves all four legged creatures) had no idea why everyone was so worked up.  He was more than likely in the house cheering on the cat!  It took hours for Bailey to come back inside.  I am 99% sure that cat will not return.  They typically visit only the front yard…and for good reason!