Watermelon Season

Bailey’s favorite food is finally in season!  This dog goes nuts for watermelon.  While we eat she is the “normal” dog.  She doesn’t bark or beg for food.  She just sits and waits until someone offers her something.  On Sunday she could barely contain herself when the bowl of watermelon hit the table.  Her eyes doubled in size as she waited!  Finally she enjoyed her slice.  Of course Rufus and Riley throw a fit, but if you offer them watermelon it will just end up on the floor!

Rufus has also learned that he does not care for cilantro.  Perhaps if he kept his nose out of my herb garden he wouldn’t have been “traumatized” by the taste!  On a side note at least I can have flowers and herbs on the porch at this point.  Two years ago when Rufus and Bailey arrived most of my pots were toppled within minutes. They have made a lot of progress and do keep out of things, but after I cut a few pieces of cilantro for taco night Rufus followed suit and took a few bites.  Now he walks by and leans to the left to make sure he doesn’t accidentally inhale any!

I have been hitting up the Monroeville Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings with Grammie.  We love their vendors.  This time of year I go crazy for fresh herbs, veggies, and potatoes!  I love to grab pizza crust from Tomanetti’s and sauce from Labriola’s to create unique pizzas.  Riley and I enjoyed a spinach, mushroom, leek and fresh mozzarella pizza today.  We really need to move south so that we can enjoy farmer’s markets year round!

This year we were able to get to the market earlier in the season so I grabbed a few wild flowers for the front yard.  I am trying to add more color to the front of the house and now that I have lived here for 9 years I am becoming a pro at gardening.  When I first moved to the new house the front yard was nicely manicured so I was hesitant to dig into the landscape and change things.  Now I am constantly out front digging.  You just have to keep an eye on Riley as he is known to dig extra holes!

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Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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