Winter Tips

Pittsburgh is experiencing a “winter vortex.”  In all honestly once it gets into single digits cold is cold.  I can’t tell the difference between 5 degrees and -20 degrees.  We have received multiple emails from the utility companies and public officials regarding how to prepare for winter.  I don’t know who wrote the “winter tips” but they clearly do not live with dogs!

Tip 1: Keep blinds and drapes closed to reduce cold air around window seal.

Yeah Right!  Rufus and Bailey need full access to the street.   You can close the drapes, but they will open them up for you!

Tip 2: Open bathroom and kitchen cabinets to allow pipes access to warmer air.

Seriously?  I keep the garbage can under the kitchen sink.  If I leave the cabinets open there is no doubt in my mind that Rufus will “reorganize” the trash for me.  Plus if you leave a cabinet or drawer open Bailey will close it for you!

Tip 3: Limit the number of times you open outside doors.

I have 3 dogs.  It is obviously impossible for them to all go outside at the same time.  I did attempt to get everyone to go outside at one time yesterday.  It worked except for the fact that only one dog went to the bathroom.  The other two just stood on the porch waiting to come in and then 15 minutes later needed to go back outside to pee!

Tip 4: Don’t leave pets outside.

3 Minutes is about the longest any of the dogs have been outside in the past 2 days.  It is just too cold.  To those driving down the street while Rufus is ramming the door begging to be let back in trust me he has only been outside for a few minutes!  I open the door for for him, but he has to finish barking before he comes in.  It never fails that the moment I run upstairs or downstairs he starts ramming the door because he is ready!  Thus I look like a horrible pet owner who doesn’t let their dogs inside!

Stay warm!

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Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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