Paw Patrol

It has been a busy two weeks with the Two Legged home from college.  Holiday visits, Christmas celebrations, a Penguin Game, a Trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo, baking, a room makeover, and cooking, cooking, and more cooking!  I am looking forward to taking a break next week! Thank goodness for arthritis cream!

I noticed that the DVR was running in the morning even though everyone was in bed.  Being the technology whiz that I am, I figured out someone was recording “Paw Patrol.”  I didn’t say anything at first, but after 24 episodes had been recorded and none had been watched I asked the Two Legged why are we recording so many episodes?  Apparently they thought I was the one recording the series!  So if none of the Two Legged are recording “Paw Patrol” who is?

Bailey has busy helping us paint and doesn’t have time for television.  Rufus is curled up on the couch enjoying his new toys from Santa!  Which leaves only one…Riley!  I should have known it was him!  He has a tendency to play with the remote because he likes the flashing light when a channel changes.  How he managed to find Paw Patrol and set it to series record I have no idea!  It took 2 humans to figure out how to turn the setting off!  He was quite proud of himself that he stumped the house with his DVR knowledge.  The next time I need help I will just ask my little four legged buddy!

More cooking today and then back to college tomorrow!

#Rescue #NewYear #PawPatrol


Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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