Such a Ham!

Little Miss Bailey was a big fan of Christmas this year!  We spent Christmas Eve visiting with Yia Yia and her Family and then headed to Grammie’s House!  A Honey Baked Ham was warming as we arrived and the Four Legged went straight for the buffet line!  I fed them dinner before we left the house, but all 3 convinced Big Ed they needed just a little bit more. We went for a walk around the neighborhood to check out Christmas lights and as usual had to keep Rufus in the middle of the street so that he did not extinguish anyone’s luminaries!  Rufus was terrified of a Baby Jesus decoration and needed me to shield him as we walked by.  Until we are out and about I always forget about his issues with seasonal decorations!  After that crisis we were just turning the corner to Grammie’s house and 2 of Santa’s reindeer were in the neighbor’s yard doing spot checks!  Normally Rufus will go berserk around a deer, but coming off of the Baby Jesus situation and the fact that “they would be reporting back to Santa” Rufus just walked as quickly as he could and kept looking over his shoulder to make sure those deer weren’t following him!  Never a dull moment with this guy!

I wasn’t thinking and forget Bailey’s harness.  I have never walked her with just a leash because of her strength. As we were walking a puppy was heading into a house and she really wanted to play with him so she took her collar off and was shocked that the people would not let her in their house!  Their dog was about 8 pounds and here is my crazy girl trying to kiss him!  She obviously has known for quite some time how to get that collar off.  She just twisted her head and bam she was on the run!  Luckily she just ran to their door and refused to leave their porch.  I had to drag her down the sidewalk…and people wonder why we don’t leave our neighborhood!

Once we were all safely back at Grammie’s it was time for presents!  Bailey was the first to discover gifts under the Christmas Tree.  Even if the gift was not for her she wanted to see it.  She helped open presents throughout the evening and loved her gifts.  You can always tell when she likes a new toy as she will take into the bedroom so that the boys can’t play with it!  This was Riley’s 12th Christmas so he knew to get a good seat early and didn’t need any help opening his gifts!  Needless to say we all had an amazing Christmas and the Four Legged slept for days!

#Christmas #Deer #Rescue


Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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