I’m not talking to You…again!

$14 later and Rufus is a new man!  He has a hard time trusting people so tasks like clipping nails are always more difficult than they need to be.  One of my best friends is a dog groomer, but since I am not strong enough to hold him still she can’t trim his nails without fear of cutting him.  Plus he bucks like a horse, gives evil eye, and pretends he is going to bite in order to scare her off.  She isn’t afraid of him, but he puts on a good show!

Our vet is AMAZING and has come up with the perfect system to cut his nails with the least amount of stress for both him and the staff.  Rufus just has to visit on surgical days so that the waiting room is empty and there are 4 lovely technicians available to help hold him down, keep me calm, and trim his nails.

As soon as we got in the truck he started to panic.  He has a fear that he won’t come back home and starts to hyperventilate.  Upon arriving at the vet’s office he refuses to walk across the parking lot and I have to drag him into the office.  Once inside he sits up against the door in the corner crying to leave.  By the time he goes in the back to trim his nails he is almost to stroke point.  As soon as they bring him back to the waiting room he dashes for the truck and waits patiently in the truck as I pay the bill.  On the ride home he refused to talk to me and kept his head buried!  From start to finish this entire process including the drive to and from the vet is about 16 minutes, but it feels like 3 days!

Their office was decorated beautifully for Christmas, but Rufus did not want to see the tree.  Now he is back home on the couch holding his dog and he is happy.  (I can’t actually get a photo since he is mad at me, but this morning’s photo is pretty much an exact replica except now his nails are nice and short!)

I promised a special dinner tonight to bribe him into talking to me again…



Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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