Dinner at 3pm


Daylight Savings…I don’t mind the “fall back” as I receive an extra hour and with my schedule I could really use 25 hours everyday during my busy season.  You know who does mind daylight savings time?  Dogs.  Dogs don’t understand why we need the extra hour and their body clock doesn’t change just because I changed the clock.  Do you know who I live with?  Dogs.  Three Dogs. And one of the them is Rufus…

Sunday was the longest day of the year since it contained 25 hours, but not because I had the extra hour.  It was the longest day because I spent the day trying to explain to 3 dogs what the correct time was!

Our Sunday:

4:30AM  Riley is awake, but is confused because it is dark out so he is hitting me with his feet in a panic

6:00AM  Everyone is now up with the exception of Rufus and the day as started

11:00AM  Time for Lunch.  We can’t possibly make it until Noon for treats!

3:00PM Rufus wants to eat dinner.

3:04PM  Rufus is in the hallway crying

3:12PM  Rufus thinks that we are never eating dinner

3:30PM  Rufus has resorted to eating dog food out of protest

4:00PM I start to make dinner, but I am making the first batch for our neighbor that is not feeling well.  As I am cooking Rufus is drooling and crying.  Keep in mind this dog has had several treats.

4:45PM  As I am loading the meal into a box to walk down the street Rufus is throwing his body at the door in protest

5:01PM  I feed Rufus dinner and all is well in the World

6:30PM  Rufus went to bed

Oh daylight savings…I am exhausted just sharing our day!  I would love to tell you that Monday and Tuesday were better, but dinner was served at 3:48pm yesterday.

#Rescue #DaylightSavings


Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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