Keeping Dairy Queen in Business

Good Morning World!!!  Riley was up extra early this morning because it is his Birthday! Going through his photos from the last year and I could share 50 more.  He is such a ham! Many years ago I went to the shelter and saw this not so little dog sitting in the back of a crate with two other dogs.  He was terrified.  As they brought him out to meet me he pretended he couldn’t see or hear me and just sat there.  He was only a few months old and had a rough start to life.  Even though he clearly did not like me or seem to notice I was even there I decided to bring him home.

As dogs are adopted they run out of the shelter in excitement to their new family.  Riley looked like he was being kidnapped.  We didn’t have camera phones “way back then” so I don’t even have a photo from his first day with me.  I set him on the floor mat in the front of the truck on the passenger side.  As we drove he just stared at me scared for his life.  Eventually he pulled himself up onto the passenger seat of the truck and watched the world go by!

Everything was new to him.  He slowly walked around the house and settled on the corner of the couch. Within hours of coming home Riley got sick.  He wasn’t eating or drinking.  I remember laying on the floor with him hoping that he would not die.  My aunt was on the phone wanting to call the shelter to find out why they gave me a dog that was going to die.  We made it through the night and after a visit to the vet it turned out Riley had kennel cough!  After a few days of meds and orange Popsicles he was moving and grooving.   It took him over a year to eat solid foods.  He lived on popsicles, baby food, and scrambled eggs.  Riley was missing his front teeth from an incident with his previous owner and couldn’t chew dog food.

Riley has rescued several dogs from the shelter.  Growing up we always had one dog.  It never occurred to me that you could have 2 or 3.  As Riley aged and didn’t make progress the vet suggested a second dog.  Riley is a follower and needs to have a Four Legged Buddy to lead the way.  Over the course of Riley’s life he has brought home Bella, Renee, Bailey, & Rufus and knowing Riley he will outlive them all!

It took Riley about 2 years to come out of his shell.  He would sit on the couch and not move the entire day.  When I would come home from work I would have to go find him and lure him outside.  And then one day he just decided to be a dog!  We had a Christmas party and as he sat on the couch a small dog came over and bit him.  The look on his face was priceless.  He started running around the living room going to each guest like “Did you see that?  That small dog bit me!”

Now Riley spends his days being a wild man!  The days of a “quiet Riley” are long gone.  He still works on being brave, but overall he is as normal as a dog can be.  Tonight he will celebrate his birthday with his favorite dessert–Dairy Queen Cake!

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Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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