The Queen


Social Media shared this Memory of my Bella on my page this morning.  That face is killer!  Riley loves Bailey and Rufus, but his best bud was Bella.  I am not so sure the feeling was mutual, but Bella was a good big sister and very patient!  One of Riley’s favorite games was waiting for her to go to sleep and then pulling her by the leg off of the couch.  That always ended well…

In true Queen fashion Bella slept on a dog bed on top of my bed!  She was the Boss and I wondered this morning what life would be like if Bella and Rufus had lived at the same time.  I imagine a lot of hostage situations for small animals and poor Uncle Eddie would never be able to come over!  But if those two were at the house at the same time I have a feeling I could have slept with the door wide open and not have to worry.

Bella was known to run a tight ship and you better have a good reason to be in her yard.  She didn’t show her cards like Rufus so it made solicitors and Jehovah Witness approach the house without fear and just when they were to the door she pounced.  The meter man learned quickly that she loved to sit behind the meter and wait for their arrival to scare them and then stroll back inside.  A few pizza delivery guys were forced to yell for help…she wasn’t actually bullying them…she just wanted the pizza!

One of my favorite memories–I was in the dining room with a friend working on the care package project when the police arrived across the street.  As we worked Harriet said your dogs are out front.  I of course told her that couldn’t be possible they were in the backyard.  I look out front and there is Bella sitting with the police German Shepherd and an Officer!  After explaining to Bella that she was not a police dog we had to buy a baby lock for the gate because she had learned how to open it.

I am a huge supporter of adopting from a Rescue and this house will always have a dog, but I don’t know if any dog could be as cool as the Queen!

#Rescue #TheQueen


Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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