A Steeler, a Couch, and Angry Faces


Just another Thursday at the house and everyone is mad at me!  Well I think most of the two legged and four legged that are mad will get over it with the exception of Rufus! While I was out running errands today I bumped into a Pittsburgh Steeler.  I had won movie passes to a local theater and was picking them up as he was purchasing tickets to enjoy a movie with his family.  I said hi and went on my way.  While I was walking to the truck I called the two legged to tell them about running into a Steeler.  When asked if I got his autograph and I said no the two legged went crazy!  What did they want me to do go back in the theater and watch the movie with the guy?

Two Legged at College:   Are you crazy?  I can’t believe you left without asking!  You have to go back in there and get his autograph.

Me: I hate to bother someone when they are with their family.

Two Legged at College: If it was a Nascar driver would you have asked for the autograph?

Me: Go Back to Class!  Bye!

I finally made it back home and Riley was out front helping me unload the truck.  Earlier this week I brought home a new couch and love seat.  The four legged destroyed the original set and now I will be smarter and cover the new couch.  Since everyone in this house is dramatic and does not like change there has been a struggle to adapt to the new couch.  The four legged actually love the new couch since it is bigger, cleaner, and cozier, but they don’t want to give up the old dirty couch!

I had the couch at the curb for the garbage man and a neighbor popped over to take it home.  Riley decided he could not give up the couch and proceeded to sit on the couch stretching from one end to the other as the neighbor is carrying it down the street.  Bailey and Rufus are crying from the porch as they watch both their couch and their buddy being hauled down the street!  Could we be just a tad more ridiculous?  Oh yes we could…Rufus is now sitting on the new couch pouting and is giving the camera “evil eye.”

Note–The photo of Bailey and Riley was taken as I was trying to move it out front for the garbageman! Once everyone is happy with me I will try for a photo featuring the new couches!

#Rescue #Couch #PittsburghSteelers



Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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