I was told there would be Cake

I would love to tell you that I can easily transport 3 Four Legged to my parents house just 10 minutes away, but I can’t!  Trying to take all 3 dogs to an event is a struggle.  Rufus has anxiety that overshadows everything so he needs to stay at home.  He is my little couch potato and loves being home, but he can’t be left alone which means either Riley or Bailey have to stay back with him.

On Saturday we were celebrating the two legged’s first birthday and I told Riley he could come with me.  He is the oldest and he loves cake!  Bailey was sad to stay behind, but I promised her that on Sunday she could go over to Grammie’s for dinner.  Riley arrived at the birthday party and could not believe the fun.  The last time he saw the two legged he was just learning to walk.  Now the two legged can run in circles and loves to play “choo choo” where he runs around and everyone has to follow him.  Being the natural born follower that he is, Riley loved this game.  After about an hour he started to get a little annoyed as he had been told there would be cake.  Where is the cake??

Riley was shocked to see that instead of serving cake on plates they gave the Two Legged a “smash cake” to just play with!  All that good cake…just smeared on hands, walls, clothes, and the floor!  Riley helped clean up as much as possible as you know he wouldn’t want to leave a mess for Grammie or waste good cake!

After the party Riley came home and slept for about 14 hours!  On Sunday after a quick run to see the two legged at college I picked up Bailey and headed to Grammie’s house for dinner.  She was so excited until she saw the family room!  Grammie’s house was taken over by toddler toys and gear.  Bailey couldn’t make it to her favorite spot and to make matters more interesting that little two legged kept running around!  Bailey lasted as long as she could, but then sat at the front door waiting to go home.  I was apparently taking too long to say goodbye so she started barking to get to the truck! The four legged LOVE their teenagers, but we clearly aren’t ready for a toddler!  Did you hear that Two Legged at College???  We aren’t ready for a toddler!

#Rescue #Cake #BirthdayParty


Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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