The Longest Day

Saturday…you tried to take me down, but I survived!  The house was up at 4:30AM to set-up for a charity yard sale in our front yard.  Riley was out front in the rain greeting volunteers while Bailey hung out in the bedroom and Rufus had a meltdown from the basement.  Normally I put both “big dogs” in the bedroom, but if you were Bailey would you want to hang out with the howler all day?

Of course the rain continued to fall as we inched closer and closer to the start of the sale.  We put up tents and made the best of the situation.  Riley does not mind rain if it means visiting with people so he spent most of the day in the wet front yard soaking up both love and water!

My dad felt bad for the big dogs so he decided that 7:20AM was the perfect time to try and take Rufus for a walk.  Really?  Let me paint a picture for you…The garbage truck is stuck on the street due to shopper’s cars.  It is pouring rain.  Shoppers are digging through boxes on my porch.  I’ve only had one cup of coffee and Rufus is howling next to my neighbor’s bedroom window.   Rufus and my dad left for their walk and I hoped for the best.  Rufus’ is not the easiest walker, but he was so excited to get out of the basement that my dad said he was a rock star!  (P.S. The basement is finished with carpet, his water bowl, treats, and plenty of toys.  Could he be more dramatic?)

As the day went on the big dogs could roam through the house while we were outside dodging rain drops.  We ended up making $479.50 for the care package project so the day was not a loss!

While cleaning up I received a call from one of my friends that one of the amazing women who worked for us had passed away.  Even though she was well into her golden years (we actually have no idea what her real age is!) it was hard to hear that she had passed.  Rosemary was truly an angel.  I am so glad to have seen her a few weeks ago.  I started the phone chain to let everyone know the sad news.

After dinner I texted the two legged to see how their football game in Richmond, Indiana went.  For those that aren’t aware I have 2 two legged who go to the same college, live in the same dorm, and play for the same football team. (you’ll need to know this as the story continues) As I am texting I receive a call from one of the two legged that he is in the ER in Indiana with hypothermia from being in the cold and rain all day.  My heart sank. I am a solid 7 hours from the ER and there is nothing I can do.  I talked with his coach and they told me to hang tight.  Don’t get in the truck just yet. I called my other two legged and here is how that call went down:

Me: Hey…where are you?

Two Legged: I’m on the bus heading back to school.

Me: Where’s your brother?

Two Legged: Oh…he is in the hospital.  They said he has hypothermia.  I didn’t get to see him before they took him to the ER.  They said he looked bad.

Me: Oh…did it cross your mind to call and tell me that?

Two Legged: I forgot.

Me: You call to tell me when your brother won’t share pop tarts, but this you forgot??

Even though my body was well past done for the day I went into “crazy mode” and started putting the house back in order.  I looked around and realized that if I had to leave it would not be fair to the dog sitter to come into this mess.   I had donations drying in the dining room, leftover furniture to sell online was in the kitchen, cardboard recycling was covering the porch and the house hadn’t been vacuumed in days.  I was like a tornado going through the house getting it back in order.  I hopped in the shower, packed a “go” bag and waited to hear news.

After several hours my two legged called to say he was back on the road to college with one of his coaches.  We still don’t know what caused the issue in Indiana, but kudos to the coaches who stayed with him in Indiana.  I’m not so happy with the ER doctors in Indiana.  They didn’t run one test or take blood to check that this was not something more serious.  Let’s just say they are lucky Rufus is 7 hours away as he doesn’t like to hear that his best buddy is not 100% checked out!

Around 2am we headed to bed and the Four Legged are still sleeping this morning…

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Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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