Famous Last Words

I will never own another beagle!  I have said this about a hundred times and somehow I keep bringing beagles home!   In the 8th grade I desperately wanted a beagle.  My mom said to ask my dad. I called my dad at work and he said yes.  My mom couldn’t believe my dad said yes.  I found a beagle puppy at a rescue and told my mom we needed to head out to pick her up!  When my dad got home and the beagle puppy discussion came up he was shocked we were getting a dog.  Apparently he misheard me and thought I asked to get an EAGLE.  He figured there was no reason to say no as I would never find an Eagle!

Rosie the Beagle came home later that week and lived roughly 14 years with us.  She was so bad when it came to food.  Rosie could hold an entire room hostage over a chicken bone.  As I was driving home from work last night there were cars all over the road and a Beagle was running down the side of the berm causing havoc.  I couldn’t help but laugh thinking back to all of the times my beagles have been on the loose!

2002–Driving Home from work at the local mall and watching “crazy people” running through the Chuck E Cheese lot chasing a beagle.  I felt so bad for those people as beagles are tough to grab.  I came home to tell my mom about the parking lot and no one was home.  About an hour later my mom came home and was not happy.  As she was dropping my sister off at work Rosie got out of the car and it was my mom chasing the beagle through the parking lot…Rosie was with us about 14 years and after she passed away I swore I would never own another beagle.  They have the biggest hearts, but when it comes to food and listening they are the boss!

2015–I brought home Renee from the shelter.  She was a cancer patient that just needed a place to live her final months.  That cancer patient was the fastest dog I have ever owned.  On day 1 I lost her twice!  We nicknamed her Renee the Runner!  One evening after getting home quite late from work Renee got out.  I spent over an hour looking for her.  I chased a bunny thinking it was my beagle for at least 20 minutes.  Finally I gave up and as I approached the house she was sitting on the porch.  From that day on she had to wear a flashing light on her collar when she went out at night.  After she passed away I swore I would never own another beagle.

2018–I own a Beagle.  How does this keep happening?  Why do Beagles have such speed and agility?  Rufus has only gotten out twice, but man can he run!  This dog takes 10 minutes to come down the stairs in the morning, but if that gate is open he is a greyhound! I swear…this is my last beagle!

#Rescue #Beagles


Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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