The Louder the Better

The littlest nephew made his way over to our house to meet the Four Legged!  They wanted to stop by around 4pm, but since the mailman comes at that time we pushed until after dinner.  The Two Legged would have probably enjoyed the chaos of the mailman being on the property because he loved when the dogs barked!  The louder it got the happier he got!

My nephew lives with a pitbull, but she is older and doesn’t bark.  She is very chill and with the exception of a quick swim each day spends most of her time chewing on toys and curled up.  My three spend most of their day running through the house, wrestling, and barking.  He loved it!

Rufus and Bailey are big, sturdy dogs so he could grab them (lightly) without issue.  He loved Rufus’ tail.  Bailey especially liked him.  If she was on the move she would turn around to make sure he was following.  A few times the big dogs ran to look out the window and the Two Legged would fall over, but he just giggled and pulled himself back up.  Riley is older and doesn’t like to share his Big Ed so he was not as excited for the Two Legged to visit.  He sat on the couch and watched the chaos!  The Two Legged was allowed to give Riley some love, as long as he didn’t try to take any attention away from his Big Ed!

Rufus, Riley, and Bailey have a lot of toys and the two legged loved them!  He went from one pile to the other inspecting.  He loved to play in their dog bowls so as I put their bowls up Rufus decided he couldn’t possibly walk all the way to the dining room for water and drank from the toilet.  Gross!

To cap off the visit the two legged decided to taste one of their Kongs.  There were 5 adults and yet not one of us were fast enough to prevent that from happening!  My nephew was here for about 45 minutes, but after he left the four legged passed out! Rufus decided he likes his teenagers.  Chasing a toddler is tiring!



Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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