We Made It!

Day 366!  We Made it a Year!  They said it couldn’t be done, but we did it!  As I logged into work this morning the “Day 2 post” came up on my social media feed.  I laughed as I read it.  Not much has changed.  3 Dogs is tough.  Add teenagers to the mix and oh boy!

I still get up at 5am, but now I am the only one up.  The Two Legged and the Four Legged tend to sleep until at least 10am if not later.  My kitchen counter is not covered with junk, but there always seems to be butter and fingerprints.  What the heck?  I have added a container of instant hand sanitizer to the counter to encourage all of the two legged to clean their hands before going in the fridge.

I still vacuum multiple times a day.  I am on my third vacuum since bringing home the Big Dogs. We didn’t even attempt an herb garden this year.  I did plant more flowers than last year, but I strategically placed them out of the way of the Four Legged which resulted in the deer eating my begonias!  Bailey is still the boss.  Everyone assumes Rufus is in charge because of his size and bark, but he is really just a big baby.  He has adapted to life in a home and loves the constant flow of teenagers.  A year ago as he pinned people to the porch I would have never guessed he would be able to curl up in bed with kids.

Riley and Rufus are not as close as they were a year ago.  I don’t know what happened to cause the boys to drift, but Riley has decided Bailey is his protector and BFF.  The boys still sleep together at night, but during the day they are like oil and water!

We are not as loud as we were a year ago, but if UPS, Fedex, or USPS arrive on the street you won’t be able to hear yourself think!  We celebrated their Adoption Day this past Friday.  Working on uploading the “party photos!”

Original Day 2 Post:

Day 2….I forgot how difficult more than 1 dog is. We have been up since 5am. I am just now showering and starting the first load of laundry. I haven’t seen the kitchen counter since yesterday at 3pm and I have already vaccummed 4 times. The herb garden has been moved to a safer area of the porch, the garbage is on a chair, and the toilet seat must stay down!

I am already in love with both new additions. Bailey is the boss and she has “gently encouraged” all of the stray cats, squirrels, groundhogs, and raccoons to move to another zip code. Rufus is Riley’s new best buddy. The boys are always together and enjoy sleeping on the couch and eating snacks. They are definitely more laid back than Bailey and need to know where mom is at all times…

As long as no one comes onto the street they sleep….the rest of the time…my apologies to my neighbors….

Someone once told me “you make the dog adapt to your life, not the other way around.” Yeah, Right…

#Rescue #AdoptionDay


Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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