No Deer Allowed

I would love to have a garden filled with fruits and vegetables, but I normally have to settle for a trip to the Farmer’s Market to enjoy “fresh out of the garden” treats.  Over the years I have tried every vegetable and fruit under the sun, but only my blueberries succeed.  I have the perfect soil for blueberries and due to pure luck I planted the bushes rather close to the house so the deer leave them alone.  Riley and I just started picking blueberries this week and I will tell you it is hard to eat the store bought once you grow your own!

On the other side of the house I have given up on the garden and just have flowers.  The first year at the “new house” I tried to grow green beans, watermelon and pumpkins.  The green beans grew beautifully, but the deer and rabbits ate almost all of the beans.  They left me 4!  My watermelon plants bloomed, but never produced any melons.

The most exciting grow was my pumpkins.  I planted jack o lantern seeds in an attempt to grow enough pumpkins to line the walkway for Halloween.  Just like the watermelon the pumpkin vines bloomed.  As I was cutting the grass one afternoon I looked to the side of the yard and saw orange skin.  I was so excited.  Pumpkins were growing!  As I walked through the pumpkin patch I bent down to look at the pumpkin and realized it was off of the vine.  What was even more odd was that it was a pie pumpkin!  Apparently someone “planted” a pie pumpkin to lift my spirits since my pumpkins did not take!  Each time I see a pie pumpkin I think of that afternoon and giggle!



Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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