Where Does the Weekend Go?

Another weekend in the books and I don’t know where the time goes.  The Four Legged were up bright and early on Saturday as we had volunteers arriving at 8am to make Care Packages for the Troops.  Bailey loves to volunteer and is especially helpful at picking up goodies that happen to fall on the floor!  Riley’s favorite volunteer duty is packing the truck.  Whether it takes 1 or 30 trips to load all of the boxes he is always by my side.  Rufus didn’t make it downstairs until lunchtime.  He isn’t a morning person…

After a quick run to the post office to unload the care packages Riley helped put a turkey in the oven.  Anytime I am looking for a quick way to feed two legged and four legged I throw a turkey in a pan and 4 hours later everyone is fed!

While the turkey filled the house with mouthwatering smells I ran to the grocery store to stock up.  I asked if we needed anything specific and everyone at the house said “Everything” in unison.  Apparently I have been slacking on grocery runs!

People always ask if it is hard to have a house full of teenagers and dogs.  The only time it is hard is when trying to get a 12 pound turkey out of the oven!  All three dogs were by my side as I lifted “tom turkey” to the counter.  At this point you have to commit to being in the kitchen because Rufus is 110 pounds of pure meat-loving beagle/pit bull.  He is taller than the counter and thinks that all food is solely made for him!  You can’t turn your back for a second or that turkey will be gone.  He actually drools while waiting for the stuffing, cornbread, and beans to cook.

Yesterday made me realize just how far Rufus has come.  Yes he is still in the kitchen drooling on my clean floor and I can’t run to the bathroom until I have the turkey safely plated, but the fact that he sits patiently and waits for his piece is a milestone.  A year ago that turkey would have been held hostage by Rufus without a second thought.  In the first few months we lost several hamburgers, chickens, and pork chops due to Rufus! It has not been the easiest year teaching a dog that has never had positive human interaction how to live in a home with others, but he is coming along.  A little bit of kindness and A LOT OF PATIENCE goes a long way with an animal.

#Rescue #AdoptDontShop


Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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