Call the Ghostbusters


I can’t stay away from the clearance flower and plant rack!  Last year I hardly planted anything because of life getting in the way.  It actually turned out to be a good thing that I didn’t do a lot of planting on the deck and porch as Rufus and Bailey tend to knock things over.  We have come a long way in 11 months!

The Two Legged and the Four Legged teamed up to mulch multiple flower beds, plant beds, and the backyard hill this week.  As usual I filled the truck with mulch and then a thunderstorm rolled through!

Some people may be bothered by this, but when one of my dogs passes away I bury them.  I know many people have their dog cremated, but I don’t trust people enough to believe that I will get my loved one back.  Why am I telling you this?  Because during the “2018 mulching extravaganza” we had what I consider a hilarious conversation.

Me: Make Sure You Put Mulch on Bella’s Area

Two Legged: Gotcha!  (Proceeds to Mulch the Area)  Do you want me to mulch the giant mud hole?

Me: No.  We are planting grass seed once we level the yard from the borough construction.

Two Legged: Why aren’t we putting grass seed on the other hole?

Me: We don’t want to walk on top of Bella with the lawnmower.  I always just put fresh mulch over her.

Two Legged: What?  Who is Bella?  I thought you were just starting to name the areas of the backyard.

Me: What?  Who names holes in their backyard?  Bella was my Doberman.  She passed away almost 2 years ago.  She was Riley’s BFF.  That is her grave.

Two Legged: Oh My God!!  No wonder you are always hearing noises.  This house is haunted!

Our conversation went on for a while and I am guessing the two legged will not enjoy cutting the backyard as much as he did!  My Two Legged is originally from Philadelphia.  He grew up without grass to cut or flower beds to mulch so the idea of a dog buried in the backyard was very new to him!  If anyone sees him in the backyard with the Ghostbusters let me know…



Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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