You Never Know Where You Might Find Me

How can it be Saturday?  I just picked the Two Legged up at the airport on Monday and the entire week is gone!  Working from home has a few benefits including hanging out with the Four Legged.  Bailey and I worked from the porch Wednesday morning and she spent the entire time putting on a show!  She loves to be the center of attention.  It has been too hot for the boys to be outside so it is just me and my girl!

The two legged went to his former high school last night to celebrate The Class of 2018 Graduating!  One of his former classmates came from Philadelphia to go to graduation and attend drill this weekend with the Army.  After graduation the house was filled with two legged and four legged.  This morning I am the only one up and running.  Rufus and Bailey love having a houseful of people to entertain.  My little old man Riley was in bed by 9pm and only came out when he head the words “fried chicken.”  He somehow mustered the energy to make an appearance!

I like to know when I go to bed who is sleeping over and what the plans are.  All 3 dogs tried to sleep with the Two Legged, but I lured at least Riley to my room leaving the teenagers just the big dogs to deal with.  As we were going over the plans the Two Legged who is in Pittsburgh for the Army mentioned he needed to be in New Castle at 7am this morning.  We all know where this is going…

Apparently I am the only one that owns a map so when I mentioned there were no buses that take you from our door step to New Castle there was a look of panic.  Uber would cost close to $80 so I was up at 530 this morning driving a child to New Castle.  I have a lot of admiration for those that serve so even though I wanted to sleep in I didn’t mind hopping on the turnpike for an early morning adventure.  Perhaps by the time I meet all of the Two Legged’s friends I will get them to be “Summer Organized” and we won’t have these last minute midnight plans…



Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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