I love Fireworks.  Some of my favorite childhood memories were at my grandparents’ camper in Erie.  We could watch the fireworks through the trees from Waldameer Park on the holidays.

As much as I love fireworks I don’t enjoy spending hours trying to calm the Four Legged down when they are being set-off in the backyard!  Apparently our neighbors are very in to celebrating Memorial Day.  They had the “big ones” like you see at a baseball game or professional show.  Quite amazing for a backyard production!

Riley has never been bothered by Fireworks so he just went to bed.  Rufus was trying to go to the bathroom when a firework went off and he had a meltdown.  Instead of simply walking up onto the deck and coming into the house he tried to climb the shed for safety.  You can imagine me in the backyard trying to get a 100 pound treewalker hound off of the shed.  His breed is designed to climb so he could actually dig his nails into the wood and get about one foot off the ground.  The boxer/pitbull mix in him makes him a little top heavy so he isn’t going to win any climbing competitions anytime soon!  Bailey wouldn’t even go outside.  As soon as the first firework “boomed” she was attached to my hip.  Eventually she found a “safe spot” under my desk and as the evening continued she slept in the bathroom.

This is just the start of Firework Season so the Four Legged are in for a long summer of celebrating!  I will also note that the fire whistle only went off 5 times so hopefully everyone still has all of their fingers and toes this morning!

#Rescue #Fireworks


Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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