The Sea Otter

I had to run the Two Legged back to college last night.  One more day of classes and then everyone will be home for the summer!  The Four Legged have decided they are in love with the teenagers and don’t like the fact that the semester is not over yet.  Bailey spends most of her day attached at the hip to Vont.  When I came home last night no one was happy to see just me. Shocking how things have changed!

Riley and Bailey just kept waiting for someone to walk through the door.  Bailey would check the porch and then his bedroom.  She eventually settled on the couch with her back to me.  Poor Rufus could not calm down.  He does not like change and was crying.  I tried to go to bed thinking maybe he would calm down, but he was sitting on the bed staring at my dresser just crying.  In true pit bull/ beagle form his crying sounds like a dying sea otter.

I tried everything to soothe him.  After about an hour I tried to just ignore him.  Knowing Rufus I knew he could sit and cry all night…this was a disaster!  I was somewhat shocked as his emotions because I didn’t think he was nearly as attached to the Two Legged as Riley and Bailey.  As the night continued I noticed Rufus was crying while trying to reach the dresser…

So it turns out we were not crying because we miss the Two Legged….Earlier in the day I had given Bailey a milk bone and she left it on my bed.  When I ran to work I tossed the milk bone on my dresser because I didn’t want the Two Legged to have to deal with a hostage situation!  Rufus apparently could smell the milk bone and as soon as I handed the bone to him he ate and went to sleep.

This dog is killing me….



Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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