You Push, I’ll Pull


I don’t always stuff my pockets with peanut butter, but when I do I am with Rufus!

Rufus had a vet appointment this week. The last visit was a disaster because Rufus had a meltdown and then peed on the vet.  I decided I would bring treats and try to keep his focus on me instead of the trip to the vet.  Being that he is part beagle I thought his addiction to food would be stronger than his anxiety for going to the vet.

He was so excited to get in the truck.  Bailey and Riley were in the dining room window having a meltdown to be left behind.  When we arrived to the vet’s office he hopped out of the truck and loved exploring their yard.  Just when I thought we were in the clear and going to start the appointment calm and collected he spotted the front door.  As soon as he got to the door he turned around and wanted to get back in the truck.  Rufus weighs in just over 100 pounds—all muscle!  So when he doesn’t want to do something it is not easy to maneuver him.

I opened the door and had to back myself into the office pulling Rufus with me.  The vet techs asked if I needed help, but I told them I could do it.  There are times I am just not going to let him win!  I tried to get Rufus to focus and enjoy peanut butter, but he was having none of that!  Rufus was now trying to climb the door to leave.  He went from calm to hysterical instantly.  The vet techs are amazing and tried so hard to get him to calm down, but he wanted nothing, but his mom.  Even with two of them they had a hard time getting him into the exam room.  One pushed, while one pulled!  He doesn’t like anyone touching him so he had a meltdown the entire time.  A six minute visit felt like 3 hours.  He bucked like a horse several times and tried his hardest to overtake the room.  After he received his vaccines we headed to the waiting room and then he was fine!  To those in the waiting room he looks and sounds like the Incredible Hulk and everyone is terrified of him.  He can’t figure out why people are clinging to the walls when he comes through the door.  As I opened the front door to take him out to the truck he looked back at the Vet techs like “see you next time!” He jumped in the truck with a big smile on his face.  While I was in the office paying the bill another Vet Visitor came in the door and said to me “Your dog is so cute.  He is just sitting in the front seat waiting for you.  You are so lucky to have a calm dog!”  I think the entire office burst out laughing!

Kudos to our vet for being so kind.  Even though he is far from a star patient at least he didn’t snap at anyone or pee on anyone!  Once we were home he chilled on the couch and enjoyed his Kong.  Rufus is my Mount Everest…he does not make life easy, but when he curls up in bed with me and looks at me with those eyes I know he is right where he is supposed to be.

#Rescue #VetVisit

Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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