The Easter Bag

When I arrived home yesterday there was an Easter Goodie Bag on the countertop for the Four Legged from their dog sitter, Jill.  I was so tired last night that after unloading I just went to bed.  This morning I was on a tight schedule and promised the Four Legged we would open the bag when I got home.  It is rare for us to leave a goodie bag untouched, but I wanted them to be able to enjoy the contents without being rushed.  It is as though a higher power knew I would need the bag later in the day…

On the “To Do” List for the day was a trip to the cemetery to decorate for Easter.  I never wait until the day before a holiday to visit, but with the “Noah’s Arc” style rain we have been having I didn’t have much choice.  I noticed dog poop throughout the cemetery as I made the trek from my truck.  I am not a big fan of people who walk their dogs at the cemetery as you are standing on top of my loved one, but at least clean up after the dog!

As I approached the grave I lost it.  To those near me at the cemetery they probably thought I was just sad, but I was crying because I was pissed.  There was dog poop on top of his grave.  Today was probably the closest I have come to a breakdown.  I left the cemetery so upset and still had several errands to run.  By this point I had lost faith in all humanity.  I am so tired of people having no regard for others.  Even as I put the blog together I know I should let it go.  I can hear him in my head telling me to let it go, but I can’t.  This is all I have left of him and someone let their dog use his grave as a bathroom.

I eventually made it back home and just did not have the energy to walk the Four Legged.  As I organized the groceries I noticed the Easter Bag.  The Four Legged were pretty wild, but once we unveiled the Rawhides from the bag their focus shifted.  All 3 dogs were off and running to their “secret” bone eating areas!  It is as if they think the other dog can’t find them!  Rufus tends to hide his bones and then forget where he put them.  Luckily he is not the best hider and I can help him find it pretty quickly!  Today he hid his bone at the top of the steps (in plain sight).  It took them about 30 minutes to enjoy the bones leaving me 30 minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee and just sit!  The Dog sitter is officially my favorite person of the week!



Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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