In Their Own Words

After 9 Months with the Four Legged it is easy to understand their facial expressions, barking, and attitudes.  They have taken over the Blog today & will tell you about their Best Monday Yet!

“Mom watches race cars every Sunday, but snow in Martinsville pushed Race Day to Monday.  Yia Yia was already scheduled to work on Monday and mom was going to cancel her because of Nascar, but we made it clear there would be a riot if Yia Yia didn’t visit!  Yia Yia arrived at 10am and brought treats for everyone!  We of course ate too many, but when mom told Yia Yia that was enough we gave her “the look.”  Once mom left the room Yia Yia handed out more treats…we love her!

When Yia Yia works we always get to enjoy a fun lunch.  Mom doesn’t eat a lot of fast food, but it wasn’t hard to convince her to make an Arby’s run for lunch!  She told Yia Yia that we don’t eat French fries, but she was wrong…She had to be careful with the ketchup though…we don’t want it touching our fries!

After lunch we watched the race and Yia Yia sang Greek Songs to us while she worked.  Now we are all passed out because we didn’t listen to our mom and ate too much junk food with Yia Yia!”

Racing, Yia Yia, & Junk Food!  Hope Your Monday was Just as Awesome!

xoxo The Four Legged

#Rescue #CrazyDogMom



Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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