The Purple Dog


I have this crazy mindset that you have to start and finish a project in the same day. I don’t like the house in disarray and Rufus and Riley are not adaptable to things not being in their place.  Riley only knows one way in and out of the house so if you place a box in his path he will simply sit on the porch until you move the box. Since Rufus’ arrival he has gotten a little better as he trusts Rufus and will follow him if he absolutely has to.

I have an older house so as soon as you update one aspect everything else in the house looks drab. The new kitchen countertop is amazing. I love walking in the door to the new counter. While installing the countertop I noticed that one of the kitchen walls needed a small patch. It had a crack from a gutter issue that Uncle Eddie fixed. I purchased a simple wall patch kit and set to work. The patch was perfect, however now I needed to paint. The section that I fixed was about 12”x 12”.

I woke up Sunday morning and thought “I should throw a quick coat of paint on that patch.” Do you know what happens when you paint one small patch? Well if you are me, you end up repainting the entire kitchen…Coat one was issue-free. I painted the kitchen and told the Four Legged to hang out in the family room while it dried. I was downstairs cleaning the Care Package storage room when 40 minutes into the drying process we had a delivery which resulted in Riley brushing up against the wall and being covered in paint! Now I had the downstairs and upstairs in disarray and a painted dog!

This was another Déjà vu moment. About 11 years ago I had a black lab named Bingo. He was a rescue whose owner passed away. He had been kept outside for over a year. When I adopted him everything seemed new. He was my first “big dog” and weighed in around 120 pounds. I normally came straight home from work since he was older and needed to go outside, but my dad was at my house painting a bathroom for me so I thought I could go out with friends and Bingo would be fine. Being that Bingo had to investigate everything, while my dad was painting he came into the bathroom and due to his size managed to hit every wall, resulting in a lilac colored dog! The paint would not come off and days later while visiting my mom she mentioned how Bingo was really aging. His hair was getting gray. Nope…that is leftover purple paint!

Back to Present Day…How do I keep “painting” my dogs? Poor Riley…I was able to get most of the paint off quickly, but he was not happy because it was cold Sunday morning and he did not enjoy a bath! While trying to clean Riley I was not watching Rufus. Rufus has to taste everything and decided to lick the kitchen wall…Thankfully I use non-toxic paint!

I had to get the second coat of paint on the kitchen, especially where Riley touched the wall & Rufus left tongue marks! Deliveries for the Troops continued to arrive and every level of the house was a mess. In hindsight I work from home and should have painted on a weekday. It took me about 18 hours, but when we went to bed Sunday night all of the projects were complete. Unfortunately I don’t have many photos from Sunday. Between deliveries and trying to keep the Four Legged out of the paint I forgot to document their silliness!

The good news—the kitchen looks AMAZING! The bad news—I think the living room needs painted and it probably wouldn’t hurt to touch-up the woodwork and if we are doing the woodwork I really should think about staining the hardwood…



Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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