Weekend Projects

For most the weekend is a time to relax and have fun.  At our house we have fun, but the weekend is always busy.  I look forward to Sunday afternoon as I enjoy Nascar and send everyone packing by the time the race starts!  I have lasagna in the oven and need to do about 6 hours of paperwork, but at least it is still light out so I feel like I have more time!

Saturday was set to be a busy day filled with projects and deliveries for the Troops.  Rufus has had a lot of interaction this week.  It was especially stressful so rather than push him I decided he would spend Saturday at Grammie & Big Ed’s house.  Rufus had to be up at 7am on Saturday to head over to Grammie’s and since he is not a morning person that was our first struggle of the day!  Rufus is a homebody and doesn’t leave the house very often so this was his first outing since Christmas.  After convincing him he could go back to bed at Grammie’s house he hopped in the truck and off we went!

Rufus spent the day enjoying multiple snacks, two walks and helping Grammie around the house.  He doesn’t like to be separated from me so he spent a little bit of time whining at the door and then sitting on the steps looking for the truck, but Grammie started cooking ground beef and he somehow made it to the kitchen to help!

When I arrived back home without Rufus, Bailey was somewhat upset.  I promised her that he would back later in the day.  I can’t say that Riley was that sad.  He took full advantage of having 100% of my attention.  Bailey was sulking, but when volunteers started to arrive she forgot that she was sad.  Unlike Rufus she loves having a houseful of people.  Riley and Bailey spent most of the day helping volunteers assemble Spring Care Packages.  Bailey “helps” a little too much!  She doesn’t understand personal space. During lunch Riley reminded the volunteers that he does indeed eat pizza and would be happy to take care of the leftovers!

As the afternoon wound down I went to pick Rufus up.  As I opened my parents’ front door Rufus came running down the hallway to hug me.  Luckily I was ready for all 100 pounds of him! He loved being the “king” at their house.  After arriving back home Rufus climbed on the couch with Riley and passed out.  For the first time since adopting Rufus I had to wake him for dinner!

It was so quiet at the house last night you would not have known 3 dogs live here.  The Four Legged were all a little slow moving this morning so I had plenty of time to tackle projects without needing to entertain them.  This morning I had this crazy idea that I needed to paint the kitchen wall.  To Be Continued…

#Rescue #AdoptDontShop


Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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