Four Legged Kitchen Construction

2018 is the Year of “Get It Done!”

Just over 3 years ago a piece of the kitchen tile countertop broke.  I have stared at that broken countertop daily. I tried for a solid year to find a company or contractor to replace the countertop, but because The Four Legged have a small kitchen no one was interested after looking at the size of the job.  I did find one contractor who was willing to do the job, but after he nearly set our neighbor’s house on fire I decided I didn’t want to deal with the Fire Department too!

Uncle Eddie recently installed a new countertop at his house and on Wednesday evening at 9pm I mentioned we might need to have him come over and help.  At 9:15pm he removed another piece of the countertop.  For those of you that haven’t figure it out yet, I am quite crazy about the house being in order.  The Four Legged and I are having a house full of people this Saturday.  Oh Uncle Eddie…

Late Thursday morning Uncle Eddie came back and said we could tackle this project.  I should hope so, since you tore off more of the counter! He felt confident that we could finish the job in one day.  The worse case scenario–this would be an epic disaster and the Four Legged would be eating a lot of take-out!  Eddie started demo immediately.  The original countertop was so poorly installed that he was able to use his hands to remove the old tile.  Rufus helped with some of the demo work too! He is slowly becoming Uncle Eddie’s BFF!

While disconnecting the sink, water started flooding the kitchen.  I went downstairs to turn off a second valve, but Uncle Eddie did not hear me say that and started yelling. Rufus ran for a life vest as he thought the kitchen was sinking like the Titanic.  Riley headed for higher ground and remained upstairs for the remainder of the project! Apparently I need to talk louder during construction! I told Uncle Eddie there is no need to panic.  The Four Legged and I can handle a little water.  Uncle Eddie’s face was not happy so there is no photo to document that moment…

After a quick clean-up we ran to the store to purchase a new countertop.  You read that correctly…we started this project without the new countertop in our possession!  The Four Legged are such rebels.  Luckily the store had everything we needed.  While removing the old tile it ripped some of the drywall.  In order for this to be a “one day job” I didn’t have time to plaster and paint so I decided to add a backsplash which I am in love with!

Bailey and Riley were somewhat annoyed that dinner was not served at 5pm. To make matters worse I was out of dog food and had to run to the store.  Bailey kept coming into the kitchen and giving us “the look.”  After roughly 8 hours and multiple trips down the hill to Uncle Eddie’s house for more tools the new counter is installed!  It was glorious to wake-up to a beautiful kitchen this morning!  We still have a little edging to do, but all in all the project is complete and I will be cooking dinner in my new kitchen tonight!

Major Kudos to my brother for making this happen!

#Rescue #ConstructionWithDogs #NewKitchen


Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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