Deja Vu

A few year ago I had a beautiful dog named Bella.  She was Riley’s buddy and passed away.  This will be shocking to our readers, but Uncle Eddie and Bella did not get along!  Imagine that…a dog that Uncle Eddie had troubles with.

A few years ago I came home from work and found candy wrappers all over the basement.  I had no idea who or what had been at the house, but it had been a long day and I just went about my business.  A few hours later Uncle Eddie called and I asked if he had been at the house.  He said yes and when I asked if he ate candy bars and left the wrappers all over the floor his response was “I can’t even talk about what happened at the house today.”  Wrong answer…

So Uncle Eddie was at the house while I was at work.  He went downstairs and Bella shut the basement door and locked it.  Bella had long Doberman fingers and could work locks.  Bella had a history of locking people out so with the exception of the basement door all of our locks required a key to prevent this exact situation. Unfortunately I did not get around to changing the basement door lock, which was a push-button.  Poor Uncle Eddie spent over an hour trying to convince her to unlock the door.  According to him she was “messing” with him and would come over to the door and giggle the lock, but not unlock it!   Uncle Eddie’s phone was in the kitchen and Riley does not know how to work locks!

While in the basement Uncle Eddie panicked that he would be locked down there forever and he apparently ate multiple candy bars to sooth himself.  It eventually dawned on him that he had keys to the back door in his pocket and he was able to let himself out.  In the craziness he forget to throw away the candy wrappers.

Fast forward to last night…Bailey followed me downstairs to help with laundry.  I did not realize she did not come back upstairs and I shut the basement door.  About an hour later I realized it was too quiet and went in search of Bailey.  I could not find her anywhere.  I opened the basement door and there she was with a butterfinger in her mouth!  Apparently, just like Uncle Eddie, she also thought she would be locked downstairs forever and ate 8 mini candy bars!  Bailey is so loud…she could have barked to let me know that she was stuck downstairs, but did not!  There are once again candy wrappers all over my basement…a Deja vu moment!

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Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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