Spring Break

The Four Legged are not happy!  They have just been informed that the boys are going to Florida for Spring Break instead of hanging out with them!  I told Riley that the boys were sad to go to Florida and miss seeing him, but he is not buying it!  This is their first college spring break.  I spent most of yesterday helping them get ready for their trip.  I was on a tight time table because Rufus doesn’t make life easy for dog sitters and I needed to be home to feed him dinner.  When I arrived at school no one was ready and we were still moisturizing! I promised if they finally friended me on social media I would not do anything bad or comment on their posts.  And then I shared the photo of him moisturizing…I will probably be unfriended later today!

It is not the easiest to find “Florida clothing” in March when you live in the north!  We hit the outlets and since it was raining/ flooding we had prime parking!  I of course got sidetracked when the Coach store was featuring 60% off and an additional 20%!  Let’s just say it is a good thing I have a truck…After buying essentials we stopped for a quick lunch.  I brought Riley home my leftovers as a bribe!  I knew I was going to be about 45 minutes late getting back and better not walk in the door empty handed!

I love shopping with the boys because men’s clothing sizes are standard.  No matter what they try on fits.  Maybe they don’t like it, but at least it fits!  When I try to buy clothes I have to take 3 different sizes depending on the manufacturer.   I was so excited with my “prime parking spot” that I didn’t want to move the truck so we walked to each store which resulted in wet tennis shoes!  My drive home was less than exciting because my feet were cold!  I’m getting old…

Rufus is not “speaking” to me.   He could smell the boys’ scent on my clothes and was not happy that I left him for 7 hours and didn’t bring any of his buddies back!  When we went to bed last night he slept next to Bailey instead of me.  This could end up being a long spring break!

#Rescue #SpringBreak


Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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