The Tree Walker

Rufus is the true definition of a mutt.  He is a little bit Pit bull, a little bit Beagle, a little bit Tree Walker Coonhound, and a little of something unidentifiable.  Most people think he is a Beagle because of his face.  I always say he is a “Beagle on Steroids!”  Over the course of the last 8 months I have seen the beagle in him and the pit bull.  This week I witnessed the tree walker and there are no words!

We were in the kitchen making dinner (Rufus’ favorite time of the day) as a solicitor came up the walkway.  Of course Rufus, Bailey, and Riley started barking.  It is impossible to open the door and let’s face facts–Whatever you’re selling I’ve already got 3!  I walked into the family room to make sure the door was locked and as Rufus and I entered the room the solicitor opened the screen door to knock on the main door.  Big mistake!  Rufus went berserk and started to climb the front door.  He was CLIMBING the Front Door! He was hanging from the top window by his front paws barking like a madman.  I am 5’8.  I have to stand on tiptoe to look out those top windows. I just stood there with my mouth open.  Rufus is climbing the front door.  Who does that?  Riley was on the couch barking and as Rufus was climbing he just stared at me like “I live with Spiderman.”  Needless to say the solicitor went running down the sidewalk.

Tree walkers earned their name because they can climb.  It is known as “treeing.”  Their body form enables them to pull their bodies up in the same fashion as a koala bear. I also learned a somewhat disturbing fact while reading up on the breed.  As a hunting dog they were initially bred to hunt raccoons but can easily take down a bear or mountain lion.   I guess if either of those stumble onto the cul de sac we will be covered!

#Rescue #TreeWalker



Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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