The Four Legged can’t pass up a Birthday Party!  Yesterday I turned 36!  I enjoyed lunch out with my family and then we headed back to my house for cake and presents.  At the last birthday shindig Rufus had some issues letting Aunt Jackie and Uncle Eddie in the house, but we have been working on our manners and yesterday was a success!  Until the mailman arrived you wouldn’t have even known that 3 dogs lived here!

Rufus, Riley, and Bailey helped open presents and dive into the cake.  Being that Rufus and Bailey are both able to reach the kitchen counter or table someone had to guard the cake until all of the pieces were cut!  Aunt Jackie even let Rufus lick her plate when she was finished.  Rufus has been the most challenging rescue, but days like yesterday show that we are making progress.  I can’t imagine this house without him!

In true Riley fashion he had to have a second piece of cake while the Big Dogs were not looking!  He spent most of the afternoon sitting next to me in hopes of a third piece. As Riley ages it is tough to watch him struggle, but as soon as that cake was served he was back in puppy mode!

My gifts were over the top this year!  I always think I have everything I need and then my family surprises me with something even cooler! Gift Cards, Garden Flags, Christmas Ornaments!  The gifts were amazing!

This morning I am enjoying coffee in my new Café Nervosa Mug from my aunt and uncle.  Riley keeps looking around for Niles!  My mom spent the last few months finding lottery tickets that were #36.  I won $51 from the scratch-offs and 3 free tickets! The last gift opened had me struggling for air.  I am a HUGE Nascar Fan.  My dad and I have been going to Bristol Motor Speedway for races the last several years.  This April I will actually get into a racecar and be on the track at Bristol! (not during the race…don’t worry Brad Keselowski!)

On the Track at Bristol!!  I can’t even imagine touching the track.  I will need to start practicing getting in and out of a racecar via the window net.  I don’t want to fall in head-first as Eddie suggested!  My truck is too high off the ground so if anyone wants to loan us a car for practice time let me know!

#Rescue #Birthday #Nascar


Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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