The 48 Hour Update

The last few days have been filled with tears…mostly happy tears! The Eagles Won the Super Bowl!! Uncle Eddie and Aunt Jackie drove to Philly to watch the Game and had a blast! As the Eagles were winning my nephew Vont (a diehard Eagles Fan like Eddie) was crying so hard I had no idea what he was trying to say. DJ (a diehard Steelers fan) was sure that the Patriots would win. He can’t stand the Patriots and was thrilled with the Eagles bringing the Championship to Pennsylvania! It was 57 years in the making and the emotions were flowing!

The Four Legged and I stayed up to watch “This is Us” and then my tears started flowing! I tend to keep the Food Network or Channels with Frasier Reruns on, but “This is Us” is one I try to never miss. The episode after the Super Bowl did not disappoint! If you follow the show you knew from episode one that Jack died, but watching it happen was gut-wrenching.

On Monday I woke up having trouble breathing, but since Rufus (all 100 pounds of him) sleeps on my chest I thought I would feel better after getting up. As the day went on I really did not feel good so instead of a fun evening out I headed to the doctor’s for a chest X-ray. All of my test results were on point so there is no explanation for why I am having a tough time breathing other than my left lung is still acting up from “the big sick of 2014.” I am taking prednisone for the next few days. Doctors’ Orders: Rufus has to sleep next to me instead of on my chest. There was a little huffing and puffing over this, but he survived and snuggled next to me.

This house continues on the Winning Streak! In addition to the Super Bowl I won a $20 Amazon Gift Card from one of my favorite Blogs! I mentioned to the Four Legged that I won and they all agreed that we should use the gift card for something everyone can enjoy…Dog Treats! I would have loved to buy a few new books, but as you can see reading is not always easy with this group! Luckily the library is just down the road!

A lovely snow/ice storm is hitting Pittsburgh today so we are stuck inside and loving it! Stay safe & make sure to Change the Batteries in Your Smoke Detectors regularly!

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Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

6 thoughts on “The 48 Hour Update”

  1. We it’s great that there have been soo many positives lately surly we all need that! I’m glad u r able to work from home we all know what winter is about up on the cul de sac of Auburn St Penn Hills,Pa 😂😂😂take care of them babies they are a joy to have I know mine sure are😍

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  2. A friend of mine who just lost her fur babies to a fire is recommending everyone with pets keep a leash next to the bed. When the smoke detector went off it scared them and they wouldn’t leave the up stairs. It was the most heart sicking thing I can think of.


    1. That is heart breaking. It is so important to practice fire drills with Pets. We do it once every other month. Most dogs will panic when the alarm goes off. They need to practice hearing the alarm and getting to an exit.


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