I started the day with a photo text from my sister–Mila was sleeping on Katlyn’s pregnancy pillow instead of the expensive dog bed they bought for her.  In her defense the new rule at their house is “If it is on the floor it is Mila’s.  If it is not on the floor it is Baby Keith’s and Mila can’t take it.”  Her photo prompted memories of all of the crazy places my dogs have slept.

Bingo (not pictured…I had him before phones had cameras) was an S.O.S. rescue (Save Our Seniors).  He would sleep on the hardwood floor next to the dog bed.  I ended up installing carpet in the bedroom because he was not 100% steady on the wood floors and I felt bad he was sleeping on the floor.  On the first day that the carpet was installed he ran from room to room with excitement.  I put his dog bed on the carpet and he moved it into the hallway and slept on the carpet.

When I adopted Bella her paperwork said that she slept in a dog crate.  I am not a crate person, but set up her crate in the dining room.  She walked into the house slammed the crate into my wall and jumped into my bed.  Bella always slept on her dog bed, BUT you had to put the dog bed on top of my bed in order for her to sleep.  She would never sleep on the floor!  She ran a tight ship around here.  I know I will always have a home filled with dogs, but Bella will always be one of my favorites.  I have never lost an argument to a dog until I met her!  She would mumble under her breath when she was mad at you and always had to have the last word.  I would have loved to see her and Rufus interact.

Renee the beagle was a “hospice rescue.”  The shelter said she “just needed a place to live until she passed away.”  Within hours of bringing her home she got out and let me tell you that “dying dog” was the fastest dog I have ever owned.  Due to her cancer and heart issues my mom bought a ridiculously priced orthopedic bed for her.  She never touched it.  Her favorite place to sleep was curled up under my desk on top of a doormat and my Christmas wrapping paper!  Renee was only with us for 6 months, but she helped create a lot of memories.

Rufus and Bailey both have dog beds.  I bought dog beds in hopes of keeping them off of my bed, but that was a fail.  At night they sleep in bed with me and Riley, but during the day Rufus’ favorite place to sleep is the upstairs closet.  When it is warm out Bailey likes to sleep on the doormat on the deck.  When it is cold she sleeps on my desk which makes working from home so interesting!

And then there is my Riley!  Riley will never sleep on a dog bed, but he will sleep everywhere else.  He loves my bed, the couch, and anywhere with carpet!  He is currently using Renee’s orthopedic dog bed to hold toys that are “too good” for the toy box, but not couch worthy.  3 Dog Beds in this house and the only one being used is holding toys…

#Rescue #Seniors #DogBeds


Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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