First Blog 2018

Like most women Bailey made a New Year’s Resolution to Exercise More.  She plans to walk daily.  So if anyone in the area wants to come and walk with her hit us up as she needs someone to hold her leash!  Rufus is not happy that Bailey got to go for a walk so he is “complaining” from the couch!

It is 10 degrees in Pittsburgh today so I grabbed my coat, two pairs of gloves, snow boots, and “my big jacket” and agreed to go for a 10 minute walk with her.  We could have probably stayed out a few minutes more, but the salt on the roads makes it tough for her paws which results in her walking in the snowbanks.  She loves this weather and even though she will now curl up on her blankie for the rest of the day she likes to get out in the neighborhood.

It is starting to flurry again.  I have the traditional pork and sauerkraut in the oven roasting and the Peach Bowl Game on in the background.  Aunt KK graduated from UCF so we are cheering for the Knights today!

Before going to bed last night we thought about New Year’s Resolutions and here is our 2018 Game Plan!

Bailey–Plans to Exercise More

Riley–Plans to be More Brave

Rufus–Plans to Work on the Excessive Barking when someone or something comes near the gate

Mom–Plans to do something she has never done once a month

We Wish You Health, Happiness, and Love in 2018!  If you are thinking about getting a puppy or dog this year–Adopt, Don’t Shop!

#Rescue #PeachBowl #Walking


Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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