First Christmas with 3

Christmas Eve was absolutely perfect…I should not have been overzealous and tried to have two perfect days back to back with this crew!  We woke up Christmas morning to about an inch of snow.  Not a big deal since we live in Pennsylvania, but there was a layer of ice under the snow that made for a fun morning in the driveway.  The Four Legged played in the snow while I shoveled.

We came inside to see what Santa had left and found a stash of toys and treats!  Normally we would have gone to Grammie’s house, but she had to work so we were delaying our “Christmas morning” celebration until dinnertime.  The Four Legged spent most of Christmas Day playing with their toys and sleeping.  So far everyone is sharing and they love to play tug of war! A lot of our photos are blurry because someone is always running with a toy!

Around 5pm I picked them up and headed to Grammie’s house to see what Santa left!  Bailey is by far the most excited when it comes to presents!  She was into every pile of goodies at Grammie & Big Ed’s house.  There were bags of bones, new toys, snacks, Christmas stockings, and a puzzle to check out!  Riley found the Busy Bones almost immediately and decided he should enjoy a bone before dinner!

Rufus wanted to go for a walk so even though it was well below freezing I took him down the street for a quick walk.  As soon as he walked back into my mom’s house he peed on the Christmas tree.  Nice Rufus!  Rufus has multiple issues with anxiety and not listening, but he never pees in the house.  I have no idea why he decided to mark the tree, but I decided we should just go home.  In hindsight I should have just run him home and came back.  Riley and Bailey were having a blast with their new toys and it wasn’t fair to make them go home.

We loaded up the truck and headed home which caused the two legged and the four legged to be unhappy!  Riley and Bailey spent the rest of Christmas playing with their new toys.  Rufus had too much excitement and curled up on the couch to sleep.  He didn’t move for almost 4 hours.  I cannot figure this dog out…

Hope your Christmas was filled with joy and dry Christmas trees!

#Rescue #Christmas


Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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