Miracle on Auburn Street

tree3We keep the TV tuned to AMC & ABC Freeform throughout the Christmas Season.  I can’t get enough Christmas movies!  Tonight the Original Miracle on 34th Street will be airing on AMC followed by White Christmas.  It is the perfect night to make some hot cocoa and enjoy back to back Christmas favorites…

It will be a Miracle on Auburn Street if that actually happens!  These Four Legged are wild tonight.  I have been home for about 3 hours and this is the first I have sat down. Between cleaning up the house, putting ornaments back on the tree that fall off, filling water bowls, and arguing with Rufus regarding barking like a madman in the backyard it has been a busy afternoon.  We are almost to the 6 month mark and he still has complete meltdowns over anyone or anything being near the fence.  We went for a walk before dinner to calm down and he is trying, but his anxiety is winning right now.

Bailey and I just got home from our nightly Christmas walk.  More and more houses are lighting up and we love it!  A carload of boys stopped to tell her how beautiful she is which caused her to then prance down the street…she is such a girlie girl and loves attention.

She and Riley are now on the couch wrestling and playing with toys.  They can hear the fire sirens in the background.  Santa is visiting neighborhoods across the township line tonight.  Tomorrow Santa will be visiting our neighborhood and Riley can’t wait.   He loves Santa!  Not sure how the Big Dogs are going to feel about the visit…if you live near us I will apologize for Rufus’ barking now…

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Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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