A Few Chevy Chase Moments

Decorating with the Four Legged

I took advantage of the warm weather yesterday and finished decorating the outside of the house for Christmas! This is the first time in about 9 years that I won’t be outside Thanksgiving morning in the cold trying to hang lights and have about 15 “Chevy Chase” moments involving electrical cords! I don’t like to rush the holiday season, but on the morning of Black Friday volunteers arrive at our home at 6am to load trucks with Christmas Care Packages for the Troops and I like the house to be lit up! The decorating inside is weeks away from happening…

Riley is always my number one helper and helps place every light strand and decoration. It takes hours to sort, hang, and hook up the lights. I tend to go a little overboard with the lighting so we have to keep track of the electrical voltage for the timer system. Our neighbors are well aware that this house celebrates Christmas! About two years ago I realized I should hang every light and then hook up the electrical cords and timers just in case I move something. A smarter person would have figure that out sooner…

My helper is getting a little older so he spent a good part of yesterday managing me from the grass and had to take 2 milk bone breaks (union rules)! I had about 8 strands of lights left over and of course had to find a place to hang them!  I had leftovers because I am not going to put a live tree on the porch this year.  Why you ask??  Well we, and when I say we I mean RUFUS, has a tendency to knock things over.  The live tree is usually near the mailbox and since we have to act like the mailman is a terrorist I don’t think the tree will survive the 6 weeks with the Four Legged.  I can’t have live trees in the house because I am allergic to pine, but I think I will survive one year without the real deal!  There will be a lot of change in the next month with decorations, holiday traffic, and celebrating so I don’t want to overwhelm Rufus entirely!

Rufus and Bailey helped from the porch. Rufus doesn’t like to be separated from Riley, but there was no way I was trusting him out front!  He has zero listening skills!  Every few minutes he would howl to let me know he was not happy.

The Big Dogs loved opening the lighting containers.  Their noses are always in everything…I don’t think Bailey has ever seen a strand of lights. She was shocked when I was testing and they would come on. I can’t wait to see her face when we do a test run tomorrow night.  We are off to hang the ornaments on all of the outdoor trees and make side dishes for Turkey Day!  The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special is on ABC Tonight so you know where to find us!

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Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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