Lollipops and Raining Dog Food

I came home to donations blocking every entrance of the house and Rufus having a meltdown from the dining room window. He could see me, but couldn’t reach me and things were spiraling quickly! I managed to get in the house after moving about 30 boxes and Rufus and Riley were not happy for the delay! I told them there was chicken in the truck so their attitudes changed quickly!

As Riley and I cooked dinner I moved the donation boxes into the dining room and kitchen. Bailey and Rufus were just starting dinner when Uncle Eddie arrived. The house was in total disarray. While trying to cook Riley’s dinner, catch up with Uncle Eddie, and organize donations Bailey decided she didn’t want Rufus sitting so close to her while she ate so she grabbed him by the neck. The wild woman ended up in Time Out, but dog food was now covering the kitchen floor and Rufus was “rinsing dishes.”  Dear Lord…

I looked at Uncle Eddie and said “Probably not a good time for a visit.” I was laughing as Rufus helped me clean up the kitchen floor. Uncle Eddie looked right at Rufus and said “you should take them back.” I cannot explain the look that Rufus gave him. Uncle Eddie probably needs a police escort if he plans on coming into the house when I am not home!

I would never give these 3 up. This is life with 3 dogs. There are days that you would never know 3 dogs lived here and then there are days like yesterday. Do I love dog food “raining” through my kitchen…no, but we can clean it up! There is a reason I break at least one vacuum cleaner a year!

At this point I realized I needed a helper. It was already 6pm and we were not making a lot of progress. Grammie came over to help sort donations. Bailey is not supposed to eat candy, but when I went downstairs I stumbled upon Grammie teaching Bailey how to eat a lollipop. Lovely! Riley could hear Grammie so he is at the top of the steps pounding his feet because apparently he needs a lollipop as well…

Just another day with the Four Legged!  #Rescue


Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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