Don’t Tell Them Yia Yia is Coming!

Monday Morning and we are slammed! I had to call in the “Big Guns” to help organize both the non-profit and my company. Yia Yia is on her way! Rufus, who never gets out of bed prior to 10am, is sitting on the couch crying because I made the mistake of mentioning to Riley that Yia Yia was coming. Every few minutes he comes up the steps to my office to make sure I am aware that he is waiting for her. I cannot put into words the sound coming out of his mouth. He is barking/whining/howling. Riley is at the bottom of steps barking and pounding his front paws on the floor because he is worried that I won’t hear the door when she arrives. Bailey is running in circles looking for her! 10am can’t come soon enough…

I met Maria, aka Yia Yia, about 7 years ago at my old job. She quickly became family and when I started my new job I brought her with me. She has been a huge asset and she loves the Four Legged! It will be a solid 20 minutes of kisses and hugs before she will make it to her seat. As she works she talks to the Four Legged and sings Greek songs. Riley is absolutely addicted to her!

Rufus had a tough time learning how to properly greet new people, but he took to Yia Yia instantly. My mom would joke with my brother, the Marine, “How is it that you can’t get passed Rufus, but Maria can?” 26 Minutes Until She Arrives, But Who’s Counting…

#Rescue #YiaYia


Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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