Locked Out

Another Day trying to get 30 hours of life into 24! Veteran’s Day is always a busy one, but this year I had to change plans and head to Hiram for my nephew’s last College Football Game of the Season. I love watching him play football…I don’t love sitting outside for 4 hours in 20 degree temperatures. The Terriers lost, but played a great game. I will be “lost” with all this free time now that College Football Season is over! DJ and his roommate have not been back to Pittsburgh since leaving for football camp so they came home with me and will enjoy about 15 hours before I have to run them back up to school!

The Four Legged had to stay back in Pittsburgh with Grammie. They spent the day barking at delivery trucks and enjoying treats! Grammie brought Riley his favorite pumpkin cookies so his day was a Win!  They were so excited when I got home, but Rufus was quick to let me know that dinner was late! In the chaos I threw my purse and phone on the counter and ran out front with Riley so that he could help unload the truck. Somehow we got locked out! Rufus accidently unlocked the door earlier this week so I am not sure if he turned the lock or if I did. I have never been locked out of the new house and realized my phone was inside.

Hmmm….3 dogs outside with their mom. No Phone, No Keys, No Dinner! Luckily a neighbor was home and we called my dad to come save us! Rufus and Riley just kept staring at me with looks of shame! Every few minutes Rufus would scratch the door and Riley would bark. I don’t know who they thought was going to open the door since we were all on the porch. Dinner was definitely late, but I handed out the “big bones” to make up for my untimeliness! I think all is forgiven!

P.S. Thank You to Aunt Heather for the Bones!  #Lifesaver

#Rescue  #LockedOut



Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

2 thoughts on “Locked Out”

  1. My coworker’s mother locked herself out with her two kids (age 2 and 4)! She had to go home on her lunch break to let them back in only to find the window was open and they could’ve gotten in the whole time!


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