My Morning with Bam Bam

There are 4 dogs running loose on the cul de sac. Don’t worry all of mine are accounted for! I recognized one of the pit bulls. His name is Bam Bam and lives down the street with a big black dog. He is a master at getting out regardless of how hard his owner reinforces their fence. Bam Bam has come to visit multiple times and normally I just pop him in the truck and drive him down the hill, but the black dog that was with him seemed standoffish and I was not sure that I wanted to put him in the truck.

I figured before one of the neighbors came over to try and give me the dogs I should take Bam Bam home and maybe the other dogs would just follow. I grabbed the leash and went out. Bam Bam came running up to kiss me and went straight to the truck! I told him we were walking because we needed his friends to follow.   Bam Bam and I started down the hill and I called to the other dogs to come, but no one really listened. Luckily I did not push the issue because when I arrived at Bam Bam’s house his brother the big black dog was still in the yard! Yikes…how bad would that have been if I took someone’s dog to the wrong house?

After getting Bam Bam safely back in his yard I climbed the hill and saw a police officer trying to get the other 3 dogs into his cruiser. None of the dogs were falling for that one! I realized that the dogs belonged to a family a few houses down from us. The officer was nice enough to get all of the dogs into their front yard just as their owners were arriving home. It was a wild morning on the cul de sac, but all of the four legged at back at their proper homes and no one ended up in the back of a police cruiser!

#BamBam #Rescue


Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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