Wild Woman

All About Bailey

So the boys tend to take over the Blog because they do the most unusual things, have the funniest facial expressions, and never leave my side which results in more stories. Today is all about Miss Bailey! To put it best—she is a Normal Dog! She is very independent and likes to spend time outside watching the world without me bothering her! She doesn’t have the odd quirks that the boys have and she could have easily lived with any family, but we are grateful that she was with Rufus and ended up finding us!

Bailey has the most beautiful markings. She is a purebred blue tick coonhound and how she ended up at a shelter is a mystery. Bailey is still in puppy mode. She is just under 2 years old. When I adopted her she did not have a name. Her previous owner kept her outside and just called her Girl or Baby Girl. The shelter named her Bailey and it seems like the perfect fit. It took her a few days to realize that when I called her name I was talking to her. She was not use to any human attention. She would stand in the yard and look around before realizing I was talking to her.

Bailey loves everyone she meets (except for the mailman) and loves to hug. If you tell her she is beautiful she will give you a wink! She is incredibly flexible. She can jump the gate which resulted in a Home Depot run at 8pm on a Friday night to fix that problem during week 1. She goes up and down the steps at about 20 miles per hour and uses the steps to launch herself over the boys when in a hurry. Outside she jumps up on the gardening storage box to spy on the neighbors and doesn’t bother using the steps into the backyard. She just jumps from the top to the grass. I am waiting for a broken leg…

Bailey is the first one up every morning and the last one to bed. She doesn’t want to miss a thing! She is learning that everyone loves her and as time goes on she is realizing she can bark at those stray cats anytime…she better get in the house and see what she is missing!

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Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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