Another Month in the Books!

120 Days and Everyone is Still Alive!  Halloween was a success! Right before the Trick or Treaters were set to arrive we put on our Halloween Bandanas. Riley loved his, but Rufus and Bailey were not 100% sure about having something on their necks. Everything is new to Rufus and Bailey. They did not come from a house with positive human interaction and it has taken time for each of them to trust me. They have started to realize in the last 6 weeks that this is their home and we know how to have fun! Rufus eventually decided that the bandana was okay since Riley was wearing one. You know what they say…Monkey See, Monkey Do!

The big dogs stayed in the dining room watching “Hocus Pocus” while Riley sat out front waiting for the Trick or Treaters. Riley made it a little over an hour, but it was too cold and he ended up joining his buddies in the house. We had a grand total of 13 visitors which was a record! This is the first year Riley did not make it the entire two hours. It is hard to watch him age, but the Big Dogs are making sure he stays active!

Bailey was not interested in the Halloween Happenings, but when Grammie showed up with Treat Bags she decided she would jump on the bandwagon! The bags were stuffed with all of their favorite bones and a few new treats. Rufus ate his way through his Halloween bag and finished his evening by removing the stuffing from new toys.

At the end of the evening I asked the four legged if today was a good day and I got multiples kisses so I am taking that as a yes!  Enjoy the Photos!  #WeLoveHolidays #Rescue


Mom I will trade you a toy for a Hershey Bar!

20171031_172538Rufus is sure the Trick or Treaters are starting to arrive!

20171031_183217Riley Checking on his Pumpkins and Decorations!


20171031_20134620171031_20135720171031_201418Halloween Goodie Bags from Grammie!  #WeAreBlessed


Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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