Rufus on the Run

I don’t always go for a run, but when I do it is because of the four legged! You know dogs only get out when you are on a time crunch…I was loading the truck for the trip to Ohio and Rufus went for it. I dropped my bags and went off after him. Thankfully I had on tennis shoes or he would have had a huge advantage! Rufus was at least 100 yards ahead so I ran back to the house for keys and my phone, thinking I might need to call the dog whisperer since Rufus only listens to her!

It was like a jail break on the porch with the other four legged cheering Rufus on! Luckily he is part hound so he kept his nose to the ground and that slowed him down. Even though I was terrified that he would get hit by a car or be gone for good I was able to get him in about 10 minutes. Every time I called his name he looked right at me, wagged his tail, and continued on his adventure! He even took time for a potty break, but I missed him by 2 seconds! It took every bone in my body not to have a meltdown, but I knew with his issues that if I yelled it would just scare him.  I finally told him he was making me sad and as he turned to look at me I was able to grab him.

I’m not use to having “runners” so I need to be more careful on the porch.  If you are driving through the neighborhood and see me running you know it is because I am tracking down a four legged so hop out and help!

Run#Rescue #RufusOnTheRun


Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

2 thoughts on “Rufus on the Run”

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