The Hopeful Schedule


I am constantly asked what a typical day is like with the four legged. Seriously?? I live with 3 huge dogs. They outnumber me 3 to 1. We don’t have a typical day. Each day that we survive and I don’t lose one of them is a win! In all honestly we do follow somewhat of a schedule, but have yet to have two days that were the same so I will just share what a “hopeful” weekday is like!

Between 5am and 6am Bailey is up and needs outside immediately to check the perimeter for intruders and discrepancies since she went to bed. The yard is fenced so luckily I can just open the kitchen door and fall back into bed. If she doesn’t bark like a wild woman she will stay outside until breakfast. She likes to watch the neighborhood wake up, but we have a house rule “no barking before 9am.” Somedays that rule is forgotten so she has to come back inside and watch the neighborhood from her favorite window!

Riley starts to wake around 7am. He has to cuddle with mom in the morning and start his day with a hug. Unlike Bailey who likes to creep outside Riley bounds out the door like a wild man letting the birds and deer know he is up! He likes to be outside to see the bus pick-up the school kids. If the kids are running late and the bus honks Riley starting barking. He doesn’t want his buddies to miss the bus! Our neighbors just love us! After a quick run around the yard he feeds the birds and comes back in for morning treats. He is pretty worn out from “getting the kids off to school” so he usually takes a morning nap until Rufus wakes.

I normally start work around this time and head upstairs to my office. I work from home most days so I keep my fingers crossed that the four legged are going to cooperate. Around 10am I start to force Rufus out of bed. He is not a morning person at all! I usually have to jump into bed with him and spend several minutes suggesting that he should go outside and get ready for breakfast! If I am lucky he will be out by 10:15 to 10:30am. I actually don’t mind his morning routine because I love how comfortable he has become with me. The first few weeks that he lived here he followed Bailey or Riley everywhere. Now he is more independent and can enjoy “sleeping in.”

Once everyone is up the big dogs eat in the kitchen and Riley enjoys snacks on the couch. Riley doesn’t eat a “real” breakfast. He is more of an evening eater. I spend most of the day working and opening the door for dogs. They are in and out at least a hundred times. Around 230pm the dog whisperer aka our 7th grade neighbor Natalie gets out of school and we head out for our daily walk. If we walk at 2:30pm we have to play everyone’s favorite game “dodge the mailman”. Neither of the big dogs love our mailman so we go around the neighborhood and if we encounter the truck we turn and start a new route. Makes for a fun walk since the entire neighborhood is hills! If the dog whisperer is not around I walk the dogs individually because they are too strong for me to walk together. I am pretty sure most of the neighborhood thinks I am dog walker!

After our walks I start dinner as Rufus starts banging the food container around. He lives in fear that I will forget to feed him even though I have a 100% success rate at remembering to feed dogs! We are not mature enough to all eat together so Rufus and Bailey eat dinner in the kitchen and then play in the backyard while Riley eats in the family room. I usually end of being the last to eat and if I am lucky I don’t have 3 drooling dogs trying to guilt me into sharing!

After dinner is my favorite part of the day because I can put the house back in order. I scoot Riley and Bailey into the backyard and Rufus and I start washing the nose prints off of the windows, we load the dishwasher, run the vacuum, and start laundry.   Rufus is a stage 5 klinger so he has to help with all of the tasks. His favorite chore is loading the dishwasher while checking for crumbs! While I run the vacuum he snoozes on the couch. It soothes him…

They are in and out all day long. While I work they play with toys, nap, terrorize delivery drivers…you know typical dog stuff! Around 9pm everyone starts to settle down. I usually read or watch TV while they curl up on the couch. If I am lucky we are all in bed by 11pm. Riley and Rufus have to sleep in bed with me. Bailey either sleeps in bed or on the couch. She is more independent than the boys and likes her own space. I envy her and every once in a while end up on the couch with her because the boys are bed hogs! The next day we get up and do it all over again!

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Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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