A Beagle on Steriods

October is Pit Bull Awareness Month…In case you didn’t know Rufus is a Treewalker Hound mixed with a Pit Bull. Could he be any cuter? When people ask what he is I usually say a “Beagle on Steroids!” He is the true definition of a shelter mutt and I love him!

People tend to be turned off when they hear he is part pit bull. I can honestly tell you that most of his bad habits are “hound habits” not pittie habits! Pit Bulls are not barkers…they tend to whine so I get the best of both breeds in that Rufus likes to whine and howl! Pit Bulls are overly affectionate and like to be with you around the clock (hence the stage 5 clinger!) Rufus loves to give hugs and kisses. The problem is that he is 100 pounds of muscle so when he jumps up to hug you—you better be ready! If you fall over it hurts his feelings! Pit bulls are very smart and can understand emotion. When I hear Rufus’ paws dancing along the counter tops he knows he is not supposed to be there and is just as shocked as I am that his feet accidently jumped up!

Rufus has his quirks and you have to pay attention to what he is telling you, but I guarantee most of his quirks are related to how he was treated by his first owner, not his breed. He has come a long way in 3 months. Owning a Pitbull or a rescue for that matter is not for everyone, but if you do it they have the biggest hearts.

Rufus’ Top 5 Silliest Traits

  1. He has to go to the bathroom with you
  2. He pokes his head in the shower if you take too long
  3. You have to tell Rufus where you are going if you leave the room and are not immediately coming back or he cries
  4. He thinks he can fit under everything which usually results in him flipping tables and chairs with a look of shock
  5. He is not a morning person and you have to drag him out of bed if you need to leave the house prior to 10am

#Rescue #DontBlameTheBreed


Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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