The Blog with the “Comb Over”

Our friends are always dropping by the house to visit the four legged or drop-off a bag of goodies. Yes you read that right…the four legged actually receive more mail and goodie bags than the humans. Which according to Riley is the correct way for the house to operate! Their bestie Heather dropped off a bag of what can only be described as stinky bones and they are loving them!! I cannot put into words the smell and texture of these bones. I am a pretty laid back “dog mom” but I drew the line at allowing these bones to be enjoyed in the house. (As I am proofreading aloud Rufus is laughing at the idea that I am a “laid back dog mom”)

We opened the treat bag on the porch and the four legged were off and running with their bone. Rufus immediately buried his bone in the backyard behind the air conditioner unit. As I watched him cover the bone with grass I couldn’t help but laugh. He was using his paw to “comb over” the grass. The bone was clearly visible, but he was so proud! Riley sat at the door confused as to why he was being forced to eat outdoors! My Bailey was the only one to realize you find a good spot and go to town! After about 20 minutes the boys took note of Bailey’s enjoyment and eventually enjoyed their bones while I worked. Most of the evening was spent staring at each other assuming that mom gave one of the other dogs the better bone which resulted in a lot of stealing and trading.

As bedtime approached I realized I was now going to have to take 3 bones from 3 dogs. Rufus is not always interested in sharing so I thought I might have my work cut out for me, but I was able to trade him a jerky stick and lure him into the kitchen. As we were getting ready for bed Rufus kept going to the door. He was in and out several times before I realized that he was not going to bed until the bones were brought in the house.  I tried explaining multiple times that the bones would be safe on the porch, but I lost the battle.  Apparently we can’t trust those stray cats to leave our bones alone! Once the bones were in a bag safely on the dining room floor everyone could go to bed.



Author: fourleggedlife

Riley needed a buddy and I thought if 2 dogs is easy 3 must be a piece of cake! And here is our story...

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