Day 90 And Everyone is Still Alive

This is the post excerpt.



Bailey always ready for the Camera with her brothers Riley & Rufus

We made it 3 months and everyone is still alive and I have some of my sanity left! Guess what?? 3 Dogs is crazy. Don’t let anyone tell you it is easy. Don’t go to the shelter and think “I want to be like them!” Believe me you don’t! We have about 3 days a week that are easy peasy…the rest of the week is like running a zoo, but I do love it! And I am happy to give rescues a home. It kills me to know how many dogs are not as lucky as these 3 fools!

Riley needed a buddy. He loves having the big dogs to play with. Bailey is the silliest girl you have ever met. She loves everyone (except the mailman) and enjoys life. She doesn’t care what is on the agenda for the day as long as someone tells her she is a beautiful dog. She loves compliments!

Rufus is my Everest. It took weeks to figure out his moods, sounds, eye rolls, and needs. He definitely did not have good human interactions prior to coming here. Bailey probably had no human interaction which is why she LOVES you to tell her how pretty she is! Rufus has the biggest heart and sleeps on top of me almost every night. I have to roll him over multiple times throughout the night as I can’t sleep with him on my chest! I thought Riley was a Stage 5 Klinger, but Rufus takes it to a whole new level. He is so strong and has to protect me and the house. Almost to the extent that it is overkill. Riley is his assistant. If Rufus is barking you can bet Riley is right next him! Most times the two of them actually have no idea what they are barking at, but will always back each other up! The good news…I don’t think anyone is going to break in anytime soon!

Things we are still working on….
1. Not acting like the world is ending when the mail lady arrives.
2. Not humping each other.
3. Not barking on the porch before 9am or after 9pm. If you live near us…we are trying!
4. Not stealing treats from each other.
5. Not blocking Uncle Ed from coming on the porch or in the house. 

Every day is an adventure…get ready!  #Rescue  

The Tree Walker

Rufus is the true definition of a mutt.  He is a little bit Pit bull, a little bit Beagle, a little bit Tree Walker Coonhound, and a little of something unidentifiable.  Most people think he is a Beagle because of his face.  I always say he is a “Beagle on Steroids!”  Over the course of the last 8 months I have seen the beagle in him and the pit bull.  This week I witnessed the tree walker and there are no words!

We were in the kitchen making dinner (Rufus’ favorite time of the day) as a solicitor came up the walkway.  Of course Rufus, Bailey, and Riley started barking.  It is impossible to open the door and let’s face facts–Whatever you’re selling I’ve already got 3!  I walked into the family room to make sure the door was locked and as Rufus and I entered the room the solicitor opened the screen door to knock on the main door.  Big mistake!  Rufus went berserk and started to climb the front door.  He was CLIMBING the Front Door! He was hanging from the top window by his front paws barking like a madman.  I am 5’8.  I have to stand on tiptoe to look out those top windows. I just stood there with my mouth open.  Rufus is climbing the front door.  Who does that?  Riley was on the couch barking and as Rufus was climbing he just stared at me like “I live with Spiderman.”  Needless to say the solicitor went running down the sidewalk.

Tree walkers earned their name because they can climb.  It is known as “treeing.”  Their body form enables them to pull their bodies up in the same fashion as a koala bear. I also learned a somewhat disturbing fact while reading up on the breed.  As a hunting dog they were initially bred to hunt raccoons but can easily take down a bear or mountain lion.   I guess if either of those stumble onto the cul de sac we will be covered!

#Rescue #TreeWalker


3 Day Weekend?

Bailey heard that yesterday was a holiday which means 3 Day Weekend!  She was sad to learn that we were working!  I wanted to pack some Care Packages for shipment so Bailey decided to come and help.  Rufus tried to help, but was sent back upstairs to play with Riley since he was trying to eat the Care Packages!

Rufus will have to go back through “volunteer training” but Bailey is a good helper!  She checks each box as it is packed and doesn’t try to eat the supplies.  After care packages we spent most of the afternoon working and playing with toys.  The rain has been non-stop in Pittsburgh and we are running out of indoor activities! Riley was sure Noah and his Arc would be coming down the street…

#Rescue #CarePackages

Daytona 500

This is my Super Bowl–DAYTONA 500!!  I would tell you that Daytona 500 Day is our Favorite Day, but realistically every Race Day is a favorite in this house!  Today kicks off the Nascar racing season and we are ready.  Riley and Rufus are sporting their Nascar bandanas.  This will be the first Daytona 500 for Bailey and Rufus.  The atmosphere at the house is similar to Christmas.  I have all of our favorites cooking and every TV is on just in case something were to happen.  I moved the remotes to the entertainment center as Miss Bailey is known to change channels!

We were up early cleaning the house.  I can’t enjoy the race if the house is cluttered.  Rufus is “cleaning” the couch and stuffing his Valentine’s Day cards into the back so that I don’t throw them away!  The kitchen floor was in dire need of cleaning due to muddy paw prints.  As I was washing the last tile Bailey went running across the floor.  Riley was shocked when Bailey ran across the floor.  If the floor is wet he puts a paw out and then retracts immediately.  Seeing that Bailey could walk on the floor without issue made Riley realize he could run on the floor too!  Needless to say the kitchen floor is extra clean since I washed several sections multiple times!

#Rescue #Daytona500 #Nascar

Midnight Snack

We kicked off the Lenten Friday Fish Fry season with dinner at Grammie’s house last night!   The big dogs don’t eat a lot of “people food” so Riley and I snuck over to my parents house.  Riley LOVES being the center of attention so he had a blast last night.  It is so much quieter at my parents’ house and Riley and I lost track of time.  I needed to put a turkey in the oven so we were all up late waiting for the popper to pop!

Bailey “helped” me with some work while the turkey roasted.  She is a great proofreader!  Rufus likes to go to bed promptly at 9pm, but since the turkey was not set to come out of the oven until around 11pm he had to curl up on the couch.  He was passed out and even when I played with his ears he continued snoozing.  Oddly enough when the timer went off he was in the kitchen ready to eat!

If you have ever wondered what it is like to get a turkey out of the oven and safely into the fridge with Rufus wonder no more!  He has learned that the oven is hot and doesn’t try to touch it anymore, but you have to move fast or he will try to lick the turkey. The pan is hot.  Rufus is taller than the counter and built like a linebacker. I end up using my body as a shield to protect the pan with him nudging me from behind.

While Rufus is trying to grab the turkey Riley is in the dining room stomping his feet and demanding a taste.  Bailey is circling like a shark and even though I am tired I am sure they are sending each other coded head nods for an ambush.  I must have said “the turkey is for tomorrow” 50 times.  At that moment I realized it was a bad idea to try and cook this late at night.  It was clear they were not going to bed without a fight…the turkey was not going to survive.  So now it is 11:30pm and I am carving a turkey. #MomIsNotInCharge

#Rescue #Turkey



“What are You Doing?”  I must say that at least 50 times a day around the house.  With 3 dogs running around someone is always doing something!  I love when I ask one of the Four Legged about their behavior and they look around to see if I am indeed talking to them.

Uncle Eddie and Aunt Jackie gave us a Word a Day Calendar featuring “Texts from the Dog” for Christmas.  Today brought back memories of the mail situation at the old house.  I had a beautiful mail slot and up until Riley moved in it was great.  If you were traveling you didn’t need to call anyone to grab the mail.  It just piled up in the hallway until you returned.

About 3 weeks after Riley’s arrival I was forced to get a traditional mailbox because Riley was notorious for shredding the mail.  I spent countless hours trying to piece together gas bills, letters, and magazines.  I would have to call my credit card company and ask them if I owed a payment because “my dog ate my bill.”  He would be so proud of himself.  More than once I found pieces of the mail stuck to his little baby teeth!

It is tough to watch him age, but I guarantee you that if I installed a mail slot he would be up to his old tricks!

#Rescue #MyDogAteTheMail

Show Some Love

Show Some Love & Open Your Heart & Your Home to a Shelter Pet!  Riley, Rufus, and Bailey were all adopted from a local shelter and there are thousands of animals across the country in need of Love.  They say that strays tend to find their way to the people that need them most.  The Four Legged have brought mass chaos to this house, but also a Lot of Love!  I love watching Bailey, Rufus, and Riley celebrate and as you know we celebrate every holiday to the max! Rufus is always shocked that there is a gift for him.  He always has this look on his face of sheer joy when you hand him something new.

Tonight we are celebrating Valentine’s Day and Lent with our Favorite “Fish Fry” Dinner & Candy!  We never need an excuse for a fun dinner!  The Four Legged opened Valentine’s Day Lady Bugs from Grammie.  Each ladybug was stuffed with milk bones.  Rufus has already refilled his twice.  The milk bones just seem to taste better coming from a ladybug!

12 little feet are dancing around my desk ready for dinner.  Time to Celebrate! Hugs & Kisses from the Four Legged!

#Rescue #AdoptDontShop #Valentine

Mail Call

Rufus is upstairs fast asleep on the landing.  Riley and I are in the kitchen opening mail.  The mailbox was stuffed with Valentine’s!   Bailey is loving the fact that it is not rainy or bitter cold and is outside running amuck! As I am opening Valentines I mentioned to Riley that there was a card for Rufus too.  Within seconds Rufus was down the steps like a jet plane.  He Loves to receive Mail!  Considering he is a dog he receives more than you would think.

Rufus has grown to tolerate our mailman because he realized she brings him cards! Rufus likes his card read to him and then he has to keep his cards on “his couch” until they are worn out.  He is my little hoarder!  I cleaned out the couch this past weekend and found several Christmas cards and toys that apparently he didn’t want anyone else to share.  Knowing him the Valentine card will be kept until Easter Cards start to arrive!

#Rescue #Valentine #Lotto