Day 90 And Everyone is Still Alive

This is the post excerpt.



Bailey always ready for the Camera with her brothers Riley & Rufus

We made it 3 months and everyone is still alive and I have some of my sanity left! Guess what?? 3 Dogs is crazy. Don’t let anyone tell you it is easy. Don’t go to the shelter and think “I want to be like them!” Believe me you don’t! We have about 3 days a week that are easy peasy…the rest of the week is like running a zoo, but I do love it! And I am happy to give rescues a home. It kills me to know how many dogs are not as lucky as these 3 fools!

Riley needed a buddy. He loves having the big dogs to play with. Bailey is the silliest girl you have ever met. She loves everyone (except the mailman) and enjoys life. She doesn’t care what is on the agenda for the day as long as someone tells her she is a beautiful dog. She loves compliments!

Rufus is my Everest. It took weeks to figure out his moods, sounds, eye rolls, and needs. He definitely did not have good human interactions prior to coming here. Bailey probably had no human interaction which is why she LOVES you to tell her how pretty she is! Rufus has the biggest heart and sleeps on top of me almost every night. I have to roll him over multiple times throughout the night as I can’t sleep with him on my chest! I thought Riley was a Stage 5 Klinger, but Rufus takes it to a whole new level. He is so strong and has to protect me and the house. Almost to the extent that it is overkill. Riley is his assistant. If Rufus is barking you can bet Riley is right next him! Most times the two of them actually have no idea what they are barking at, but will always back each other up! The good news…I don’t think anyone is going to break in anytime soon!

Things we are still working on….
1. Not acting like the world is ending when the mail lady arrives.
2. Not humping each other.
3. Not barking on the porch before 9am or after 9pm. If you live near us…we are trying!
4. Not stealing treats from each other.
5. Not blocking Uncle Ed from coming on the porch or in the house. 

Every day is an adventure…get ready!  #Rescue  

Famous Last Words

I will never own another beagle!  I have said this about a hundred times and somehow I keep bringing beagles home!   In the 8th grade I desperately wanted a beagle.  My mom said to ask my dad. I called my dad at work and he said yes.  My mom couldn’t believe my dad said yes.  I found a beagle puppy at a rescue and told my mom we needed to head out to pick her up!  When my dad got home and the beagle puppy discussion came up he was shocked we were getting a dog.  Apparently he misheard me and thought I asked to get an EAGLE.  He figured there was no reason to say no as I would never find an Eagle!

Rosie the Beagle came home later that week and lived roughly 14 years with us.  She was so bad when it came to food.  Rosie could hold an entire room hostage over a chicken bone.  As I was driving home from work last night there were cars all over the road and a Beagle was running down the side of the berm causing havoc.  I couldn’t help but laugh thinking back to all of the times my beagles have been on the loose!

2002–Driving Home from work at the local mall and watching “crazy people” running through the Chuck E Cheese lot chasing a beagle.  I felt so bad for those people as beagles are tough to grab.  I came home to tell my mom about the parking lot and no one was home.  About an hour later my mom came home and was not happy.  As she was dropping my sister off at work Rosie got out of the car and it was my mom chasing the beagle through the parking lot…Rosie was with us about 14 years and after she passed away I swore I would never own another beagle.  They have the biggest hearts, but when it comes to food and listening they are the boss!

2015–I brought home Renee from the shelter.  She was a cancer patient that just needed a place to live her final months.  That cancer patient was the fastest dog I have ever owned.  On day 1 I lost her twice!  We nicknamed her Renee the Runner!  One evening after getting home quite late from work Renee got out.  I spent over an hour looking for her.  I chased a bunny thinking it was my beagle for at least 20 minutes.  Finally I gave up and as I approached the house she was sitting on the porch.  From that day on she had to wear a flashing light on her collar when she went out at night.  After she passed away I swore I would never own another beagle.

2018–I own a Beagle.  How does this keep happening?  Why do Beagles have such speed and agility?  Rufus has only gotten out twice, but man can he run!  This dog takes 10 minutes to come down the stairs in the morning, but if that gate is open he is a greyhound! I swear…this is my last beagle!

#Rescue #Beagles

She Makes Me Look Good

My girl Bailey always makes me look good!  We went to the vet and unlike Rufus who requires four technicians to get in the door Miss Bailey just strolls in.  After giving multiple kisses to each assistant she walked into the back to get weighed.  She has gained a few pounds since being adopted and gave the technician “the look” when they mentioned she might want to lose 5 to 6 pounds.

Bailey explored the entire vet office during her examination and even though she did not care for her vaccines she stayed calm. After her exam she hung out in the reception area eating treats and getting love.  You will note that they just said she needed to lose weight and then everyone is giving her treats because she is turning on the charm!  Getting her to lose weight is going to be a fun endeavor…


Sunday Morning Vibes


A social media memory popped up on my timeline this morning about getting to sleep in until 7am.  Nowadays I am lucky to drag this crew out of bed by 11am…I am always the first one up with Riley, but those big dogs have quickly adapted to “house dogs” in the past year.

Our week has been hectic with work and community events.  Riley has some kind of “summer rash” and is taking steroids and antibiotics.  Riley on steroids is just loads of fun!  He eats three times his normal amount of food and is ten times louder than usual.  Just in case you weren’t aware that he needs something he will pound his feet on the ground howling until you acknowledge his need.  On Friday evening I dropped him off with Big Ed to give the Big Dogs a break.  He helped paint the deck and then curled up on the floor to take a nap disproving my discussion about how wild he is!

This morning he has played outside, eaten multiple bones, woke up the two legged, and announced to the neighborhood that he is awake and looking for activities. And it’s not even lunchtime…

#Rescue #Sunday


Off and Running

Bone time! When I need 10 to 15 minutes of quiet time I grab a few Rachael Ray Bones and all 3 Four Legged come Running!  Initially Rufus ate the bone as fast as we could next to me in hopes of receiving another bone, but now he goes to his “bone spot” to enjoy! Rufus runs up the stairs and eats his bone in my office.  He then stands at the top of the steps waiting to see if he should come back down for a second bone!

Bailey runs down the hallway and enjoys her bone on my bed.  She is the slowest eater.  She likes to take her time and savor each piece.  Since she is Alpha no one bothers her while she is on the bed! If my bedroom door happens to be closed she stands in the hallway until someone finds her another spot or the door is opened.  When I initially brought her home from the shelter she didn’t know what to do with a bone and would just stare at it.  When she realized it was food you had to be careful as she didn’t want anyone near her while she ate.

Riley heads over to the couch to eat almost all of his food.  He just assumes that food will always be here and has lost several bones over the years.  He sets them down and regardless of which dog has lived here someone steals it and then he wanders around trying to remember where he left it!  Since the “Big Dogs” have arrived he has gotten better at not leaving his bones in random places!  The couch in the family room is officially “Riley’s couch” and I don’t suggest sitting on it.  We are due for a new couch and I have no idea how we are going to make the transition without a meltdown!


The Louder the Better

The littlest nephew made his way over to our house to meet the Four Legged!  They wanted to stop by around 4pm, but since the mailman comes at that time we pushed until after dinner.  The Two Legged would have probably enjoyed the chaos of the mailman being on the property because he loved when the dogs barked!  The louder it got the happier he got!

My nephew lives with a pitbull, but she is older and doesn’t bark.  She is very chill and with the exception of a quick swim each day spends most of her time chewing on toys and curled up.  My three spend most of their day running through the house, wrestling, and barking.  He loved it!

Rufus and Bailey are big, sturdy dogs so he could grab them (lightly) without issue.  He loved Rufus’ tail.  Bailey especially liked him.  If she was on the move she would turn around to make sure he was following.  A few times the big dogs ran to look out the window and the Two Legged would fall over, but he just giggled and pulled himself back up.  Riley is older and doesn’t like to share his Big Ed so he was not as excited for the Two Legged to visit.  He sat on the couch and watched the chaos!  The Two Legged was allowed to give Riley some love, as long as he didn’t try to take any attention away from his Big Ed!

Rufus, Riley, and Bailey have a lot of toys and the two legged loved them!  He went from one pile to the other inspecting.  He loved to play in their dog bowls so as I put their bowls up Rufus decided he couldn’t possibly walk all the way to the dining room for water and drank from the toilet.  Gross!

To cap off the visit the two legged decided to taste one of their Kongs.  There were 5 adults and yet not one of us were fast enough to prevent that from happening!  My nephew was here for about 45 minutes, but after he left the four legged passed out! Rufus decided he likes his teenagers.  Chasing a toddler is tiring!


Holiday Week

I can’t remember a week going by as fast as this one!  The Four Legged are still playing with all of their new toys from their adoption/ birthday party.  It is so hot that most of their afternoons have been spent curled up inside sleeping.  In the evening we have been firing up the grill and Rufus can just tolerate being outside long enough for his hot dog to cook!

We celebrated the 4th of July at Grammie’s House.  We were in charge of watermelon and of course overbought so if anyone in the area needs a piece feel free to stop by! After eating way too much we came home and enjoyed fireworks on the porch.  We got hit with a substantial storm the evening of the fourth so Bailey spent most of the night hiding under the bed from both thunder and fireworks.  Just as Rufus was about to step onto the porch thunder rolled through and he went running for the bedroom too.  I have never seen him move so fast…reminded me of The Flash!  Riley has never been bothered by either and was playing in the backyard as the sky lit up celebrating America’s Birthday!

On Thursday the two legged was out of bed at 8am to take his driver’s permit test and passed!  Just like Rufus I have never seen him move so fast! I have chest pain every time I hand him to keys to drive.  Sitting in the passenger seat is a struggle for me!

I loaded up my official “mom backpack” for family fun this week.  We planned to go to the zoo twice, but they got hit evener harder than we did with storms and remain without power.  Off to Pittsburgh to explore while the Four Legged Chill!


Bring on the Cake!

The Four Legged love Cake!  We celebrated their Adoption Day Anniversary with chicken and steak fajitas and of course Dairy Queen Cake!  The two legged had a friend over the day of the party and oddly enough this was his first time attending a birthday party for a dog! If he didn’t already think we were crazy I think we sealed the deal!

Bailey and Rufus loved going through their goodie bags.  The family room has more toys and of course their favorites were quickly put up on the couch for safe keeping!  Rufus convinced Big Ed he needed a second piece of chicken and spent most of his time on the deck guarding the grill.  Riley waited patiently all day for a piece of cake.  In true “Riley Roo Fashion” he ate his cake as fast as possible to try and steal everyone else’s plate! Just in case the two legged were unsure of what Riley wanted he threw his head back howling for more.

One year down…many more to go!

#Rescue #DairyQueen