Day 90 And Everyone is Still Alive

This is the post excerpt.



Bailey always ready for the Camera with her brothers Riley & Rufus

We made it 3 months and everyone is still alive and I have some of my sanity left! Guess what?? 3 Dogs is crazy. Don’t let anyone tell you it is easy. Don’t go to the shelter and think “I want to be like them!” Believe me you don’t! We have about 3 days a week that are easy peasy…the rest of the week is like running a zoo, but I do love it! And I am happy to give rescues a home. It kills me to know how many dogs are not as lucky as these 3 fools!

Riley needed a buddy. He loves having the big dogs to play with. Bailey is the silliest girl you have ever met. She loves everyone (except the mailman) and enjoys life. She doesn’t care what is on the agenda for the day as long as someone tells her she is a beautiful dog. She loves compliments!

Rufus is my Everest. It took weeks to figure out his moods, sounds, eye rolls, and needs. He definitely did not have good human interactions prior to coming here. Bailey probably had no human interaction which is why she LOVES you to tell her how pretty she is! Rufus has the biggest heart and sleeps on top of me almost every night. I have to roll him over multiple times throughout the night as I can’t sleep with him on my chest! I thought Riley was a Stage 5 Klinger, but Rufus takes it to a whole new level. He is so strong and has to protect me and the house. Almost to the extent that it is overkill. Riley is his assistant. If Rufus is barking you can bet Riley is right next him! Most times the two of them actually have no idea what they are barking at, but will always back each other up! The good news…I don’t think anyone is going to break in anytime soon!

Things we are still working on….
1. Not acting like the world is ending when the mail lady arrives.
2. Not humping each other.
3. Not barking on the porch before 9am or after 9pm. If you live near us…we are trying!
4. Not stealing treats from each other.
5. Not blocking Uncle Ed from coming on the porch or in the house. 

Every day is an adventure…get ready!  #Rescue  

Chasing Eggs

Riley and I waited until after the wind storms died down to decorate for Easter.  He takes his front yard decorating duties very seriously!  As my helper he is in charge of gathering the rocks to weigh down the large eggs and chasing the “tree eggs” down the street if the wind gets them!  Would it even be Easter if we didn’t have to go next door and get our plastic eggs back from the neighbors?

Bailey is on the mend this week.  We have been trying to rest as much as possible.  She is back to using all four legs and her sprained knee is feeling better.  Steps are no longer an issue and she can sleep in her two legged brother’s bed without issue!

Rufus has a tick so we are waiting for the Amazing dog walker to come over and help with removal.  We will “drown” the tick in peanut butter, but I need an assistant because otherwise Bailey and Riley will try to help.  The last thing I need is a dog covered in peanut butter running through my house with two followers!  Luckily all of the four legged are vaccinated against Lyme disease so we just need to get rid of that pest!

Hope your Thursday does not involve sprained knees, dogs covered in peanut butter and flying eggs!

#Rescue #PeanutButter #Eggs


This Is The Tower

Grammie’s Poor Ears!  I was standing in the kitchen and happened to notice a stray cat taking flight across the backyard and the next 8 seconds were crazy! I was yelling NOOOOO just as the cat went airborne over the fence onto our neighbor’s back porch roof.  In that split second Bailey came around the shed and as she was gaining speed I realized she was going to use the porch as leverage to go over the railing.  I have never seen her move at this speed.  She reminded me of a greyhound!

If you have never been in our backyard our kitchen leads to a covered porch which connects to a wooden deck that has four steps to the backyard.  Our fence is not up against the neighbor’s fence.  There is a three foot gap that contains a tree!  The cat jumped from the deck to the neighbor’s porch roof clearing the tree.  The cat weighed about 10 to 15 pounds and was literally jumping for its life.  Bailey weighs 98 and there was no way she was going to clear the 3 foot gap and the tree!

Just as she was about to jump she heard the following alert:    This is the Tower:  Bailey you are not clear for take off! I repeat air traffic control has grounded you!

I had visions of her stuck in a tree or worse clearing both fences and landing in the neighbor’s pool! By the time Riley got into the backyard Rufus and Bailey were both in full security mode.  Their property had been breached.  Riley (the dog that loves all four legged creatures) had no idea why everyone was so worked up.  He was more than likely in the house cheering on the cat!  It took hours for Bailey to come back inside.  I am 99% sure that cat will not return.  They typically visit only the front yard…and for good reason!


I’m Just Here for my Knee


We have a Four Legged Down!  Bailey has been having trouble on the steps.  The first time she didn’t come downstairs I assumed she had done something silly, but then realized it seemed like she was stuck.  In true “Beverly Goldberg” fashion I googled her symptoms and was convinced she was dying.  Thankfully we have a rational and knowledgeable vet who easily determined that she has a sprained knee.  Crisis averted!

Rufus had a panic attack just knowing Bailey was going to the Vet!  As I left the house he was in the window melting down and had the neighbor’s dog in a panic.

Bailey is such a trooper.  Her knee must be killing her and as the vet moved it in thirty directions she was not happy, but continued to be her pleasant self.  There is not a mean bone in this gal’s body.   Her attitude shifted just a bit when he mentioned that she had gained 8 pounds since our last visit and absolutely needs to cut back on food and exercise more.  As he was talking she looked at him like “I’m just here for my knee…why are we talking about my weight?  I am still working on my holiday calories!”

She is on pain meds and an anti-inflammatory for the next few days.  The doctor ordered lots of rest, but next week we have to start getting back into a shape that is not so round!

#Rescue #OnTheMend

The Crazy Boy

Every once in a while the “crazy” Riley takes over the house.  Today is that day!  He has been a wild man since 9am.  He has been on the go playing in the snow, helping cook a turkey and driving the two legged and other four legged nuts.  Rufus is hiding in the two legged’s bedroom hoping Riley doesn’t find him.  Bailey is under my desk as a last ditch effort to tolerate her buddy.  He has “talked” all day long.  He just wants to play, chew on their ears and cause a general ruckus!

At his age I am thrilled to see him be so spirited, but I can tell you that rest of the house is hoping he will pass out soon!


A Rescue Of Course!


Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!  Go for the Rescue…Adopt Don’t Shop!

The Four Legged are in their glory this morning.  The Two Legged is home for spring break which means I will cook more delicious dinners, there is an extra person to snuggle with, and their best friend will spend hours playing with them! Last night they were all up late working on one final assignment.  Less than 24 hours into break and we have already been to the grocery store and fired up the grill!  Rufus says “Gonna Be a Good Week!”

#DrSeuss #Rescue #SpringBreak


Some of us are upstairs catching up on work while others are apparently sleeping in!  Are you comfortable Miss Bailey?  Can I get you anything?? This dog is such a character.  She is a love bug and unless the mailman or a stray cat is on the property she never barks.  Bailey will spend hours sitting on the porch or in my bed!

We are constantly asked “Why do you have 3 dogs?”  I would have 10 if we could afford it and our neighbors wouldn’t kill us! The key to my sanity–a fenced in yard and peanut butter filled Kongs. When all else fails call Grammie for busy bones!

This weekend there has been an influx of posts on social media about dogs in need of rescue.  2 Million Dogs each year are euthanized because of over population.  Dog ownership is not easy, but I urge you to consider adopting from your local rescue.  This is the time of year when “Christmas puppies” have been dumped and they need a second chance.  Not everyone can take on a Rufus, but who wouldn’t love a Bailey???

#Rescue #SundayMorning

Employee of the Month

Earlier this week I saw a post on social media about a gentleman who works from home and names his dog Employee of the Month every Month!  This gave us a chuckle and I decided we should start thinking about our own Employee of the Month.  It is a tight race, but I think Riley might be a little ahead of the competition.

Riley is never late for work and is always the first one up the steps to the office.  He is quiet on conference calls and never snores at work! He take minimal breaks and is more than willing to eat lunch at my desk.  Rufus and Bailey better step it up…February is almost over!